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 Nordic Saxophone Quartet

Nordic Saxophone Quartet

After a highly successful debut tour in Norway in 2002, the Nordic Saxophone Quartet (NSQ) and its members has continued their ambitious work in collaborating with composers and musicians from the Nordic countries as well as the rest of the world. The ensemble consists of four of the most prominent saxophonist of Scandinavia who continuously tours the world with recent performances in South Africa, South America, USA, Ukraine, Latvia, Turkey and the Nordic countries. Both press and audience have hailed the NSQ for its delicate and sensitive musicianship.

JOHANNES THORELL – soprano saxophone
Johannes Thorell (1976) is one of Scandinavia´s leading saxophonists. He did his soloist debut with the Royal Stockholm Philharmonic Orchestra in 2002 performing the hugely demanding saxophone concerto by Edison Denisov, a performance that was given a rousing reception by both press and audience. Since then Thorell has received numeral prizes and grants, including a first prize in the Wolfgang Jacobi competition in Munich as well as major grants from the Swedish Arts Grants Committee and he was also a prize winner at the Biel/Bienne competition for contemporary music. Johannes is, together with his colleague at The Royal Academy of music in Aarhus, Claus Olesen, creator of the Scandinavian Saxophone Festival. He is also editor for the Nordic Saxophone Journal and has his own chamber music series “Örebro Live”. Johannes has recorded 2 CDs the forbidden saxophone (dBCD138) and Far North (dBCD150).

MARTIN ERIKSSON – alto saxophone
Martin is a saxophonist in the Swedish Wind ensemble and is also a saxophone teacher at Ingesund School of music at Karlstad University. Martin is regularly working with the major orchestras in Sweden and is also highly in demand for giving master classes and workshops in saxophone playing and chamber music.

Matias has a master of fine arts from the Royal College of music in Stockholm and has also studied with saxophonists Vincent David, Claude Delangle and Arno Bornkamp. He is widely appreciated for his sensitive chamber music playing and is regularly invited to perform with numerous chamber ensembles including Curious Chamber players, Kari Bremnes and Stockholm Saxophone Quartet.

ARNULV STEINSVIK – baritone saxophone
After getting his master of fine Arts from the Royal College of music in Stockholm, Arnulv has been active with coaching and conducting wind bands as well as performing with different chamber music ensembles at concerts and festivals. Arnulv is also frequently invited to do master classes in contemporary music at conservatories and music schools around the Nordic countries.

Soprano saxophone - Super Action 80 Series 2
Alto saxophone - Super Action 80 Series 2
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