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Reference Alto
Alto Saxophone
Reference Alto

The "Reference" Alto exhibits a strong personality for an instrument of such modern design and manufacture, and each musician will recognise the original “Mark VI” feeling.

Acoustics, ergonomic features and aesthetics evoke the spirit of this celebrated model :

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Dark Gold Lacquer Engraved (DGG)
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Lacquer Antiqued (PAO)
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Technical caracteristics
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E flat
high F sharp
Thumb rest (multidirectional), in metal
Leather pads - plastic booster
Dark Gold Lacquer Engraved (DGG), Lacquer "Antiqued" (PAO).
Spirit E-flat Alto Saxophone Mouthpiece 184 (1.84 mm / 22 mm), E-flat Alto Saxophone Reference Case
Sold with
E-flat alto saxophone Soloist mouthpiece
Directly inspired by the legendary model made during the Fifties, the Soloist embodies all the qualities which originally made it...
they play
this instrument
"The Reference has a new sound, it's a mix between all the saxophones in the history of SELMER saxophones."
Rosario Giuliani
"The Reference has all the benefits of Balanced Action with some incredible extras. First of all as far as accuracy is concerned, it is easier to play. As far as sound is concerned, it projects more. I like its frequencies. The other advantage is the ergonomics, it's very easy."
Dmitry Baevsky
"It's a better Mark VI. It is a similar instrument on sound, and better on accuracy. Maybe the Reference can go a little further because it offers a slightly wider sound palette, a slightly more generous bass, a more precise accuracy in the treble, you can more shape the sound."
Baptiste Herbin
"I played a Mark VI and participated in the development of the Reference saxophone. I went daily to the factory in Mantes-la-Ville to test the prototypes and very quickly came to the conclusion that the Reference was better than the Mark VI. The Reference has this ability to adapt to all styles of music."
Pierrick Pedron
"This instrument has the same qualities as a Mark VI: a warm open sound very round, very powerful, which also tones when you play barely audible, very piano, so it has no limits!"
Baptiste Herbin
"Basically, it is one of those instruments with which when there is a problem, most of the time, it comes from itself and not from the instrument itself. We can rely on the instrument, all we have to do is play! "
Dmitry Baevsky
"I played it immediately in the profession and have never looked back; it’s a good combination of old and new."
David Roach
"This instrument is a dream to play. The perfect resistance for what I want to achieve - particularly in an orchestral setting."
Michael Jamieson
"I have been playing the Selmer Reference alto for about 7 years. It has an amazing ability to respond to all your demands: whether it’s playing quiet or full power. It has a very unique timbre that I love. Easy to handle, but extremely powerful. I wouldn’t want to trade it for anything else!"
Dmitry Baevsky
"I won my alto saxophone Reference 54 in an international competition in Paris in 2013. I do love the conformability of the instrument and the projection than I can have in every performance."
Gerry Lopez
"The Reference 54 has tone qualities that makes it so easily audible to the player's ear even when it's played very quietly. Playing soft and beautiful melodies can't be any easier!"
Daniel Ko
"Selmer saxophones have an open sound full of character. They are very consistent from sound and intonation, and are very reliable. Top quality, unprecedented superb class!"
Allard Buwalda