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Offres d'alternances chez Henri SELMER Paris

Work-study offers at Henri SELMER Paris

Designer and maker of wind instruments since 1885, Henri SELMER Paris relies on a production site of 20,000 m² and a workforce trained in more than 100 professions specific to...

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Le Modèle 2022 aux enchères de Vichy !

Modèle 2022 n°001 at Vichy auctions!

Designed in limited edition on the occasion of the centenary of the very first SELMER saxophone, the alto Supreme Modèle 2022 was manufactured in 641 numbered pieces. All of them...

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Naissance d'un saxophone dans les ateliers Henri SELMER Paris
Maison selmer

Birth of a saxophone at the Henri SELMER Paris factory

Made up of more than 600 parts, the saxophone is a particularly complex instrument. At Henri SELMER Paris, the production line is completely integrate enabling both better control of the...

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Découvrez le ténor Supreme

Discover the tenor Supreme

After 100 years of saxophone innovation, conception and manufacturing, Henri SELMER Paris is redefining the modern identity of the tenor saxophone with the Supreme. The creation of this instrument embodies...

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Supreme tenor tour

Supreme tenor tour

Concerts, meetings, presentations, jam sessions... Come and discover the new Supreme tenor through numerous events around the world!

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Découvrez la nouvelle clarinette Mib Muse

Discover the new Eb Muse clarinet

Principal chair in the clarinet section of the orchestra, Eb clarinet is in numerous symphonic works. Henri SELMER Paris believed it was important to integrate recent advances in acoustics, ergonomics...

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Clarinet Fantasia & Open’Injazz, Philippe Berrod et ses étudiants invités à l’Institut National des jeunes aveugles

Clarinet Fantasia & Open'Injazz, Philippe Berrod and his students invited to the Institut National des jeunes aveugles

On April 13, Philippe Berrod and the student clarinetists of the CNSM of Paris will share the stage of the INJA with the group "Open'Injazz", made up of blind and...

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Souffler autrement : la gestion de l’air et de la posture

Blowing differently: air and posture management

Musicians are rarely trained to take care of their body. Yet it is their very first instrument, and many suffer from musculoskeletal disorders related to their practice. Wind instrumentalists must...

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Andorra Sax Fest, du 1er au 8 avril 2023

Andorra Sax Fest, 1-8 april 2023

As one of the most important saxophone festivals in the world, the Andorra Sax Fest thrills Andorra every year with concerts, competitions and workshops with the greatest.

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[Agenda] Les événements Henri SELMER Paris

[Agenda] Henri SELMER Paris events

Committed to the development of instrumental practice for all, the emergence of talent and the influence of music in the world, Maison SELMER actively supports many events in different countries....

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