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Bass clarinet

Privilege bass

Réf. 1108045011

Over the last thirty years or so, the bass clarinet has enjoyed exceptional growth thanks to the openness of its repertoire. Henri SELMER Paris has been a key player in this development, constantly improving a range that has always been acclaimed for its acoustic qualities.

The Privilege bass clarinet marks a decisive step forward in the development of the instrument, while retaining the basic designs that have made previous models so successful.

It reconciles astonishing ease of emission with a round, warm sound that gains in homogeneity and power. Its suppleness also enables real work to be done on the soundstage. Accuracy is optimised and balanced across all registers. Ergonomics have also improved significantly, with easier keying and a more natural, comfortable playing position. Its highly responsiveness delivers a Bb-like velocity and a great sense of freedom. A number of technical developments have also improved the way the instrument works…

Available in 2 keys: low C or low E.

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birth of a clarinet


Henri SELMER Paris started manufacturing clarinets in the 19th century (Place Dancourt, Paris) and since then has acquired a great reputation in the professional world.

This traditional know-how has been passed down from generation to generation in the Mantes-la-Ville manufacture, which has succeeded in combining innovation and tradition.

Today, a Selmer clarinet consists of 450 parts and requires a high level of craftsmanship.

Technical characteristics
silver plated nickel silver keywork
leather fitted with metal resonators
Focus mouthpiece, cap, ligature, swab, cork grease, Pro-Light case
silver plated or matte black keywork
l’instrument est fourni avec un bocal à angle fermé qui procure une excellente projection. Un bocal à angle ouvert est également disponible séparément
Privilege bass


The depth and quality of sound is unmatched. My Selmer bass clarinet allows me to feel like I can play anything with ease.
Jason Alder
My instrument allows me to express my authentic 'voice'. The incredible richness and flexibility that it offers cannot be matched, as well as the incredible colour in the sound.
Stephanie Clark
These instruments suit me very well. I'm like a chameleon, I can blend in with any style of music I have to play. Technically, the Selmer Paris clarinets allow you to have fun going very fast, play ¼ tones in tune, plus an above-average consistency of sound.
Alain Billard
Selmer Privilege bass clarinet, simply the best bass clarinet ever. Beautiful, rich sound, smart keywork and perfect intonation.
Karel Dohnal
I love the sound and flexibility the instrument offers, the impeccable intonation, projection and effortless clarion and altissimo registers. The bass clarinet truly has a homogeneous sound throughout the entire range. I love that I can just make music and not worry about the mechanics.
Stefanie Gardner
Probably the best bass clarinet I've ever played. A very homogeneous, wide and flexible sound. The fingering ergonomics are superb, and I'm happy to play it every day.
Toine Thys