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Basset horn

Basset horn

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How can we not think of Mozart and his Requiem when we consider this instrument, which was also a favourite of Strauss and Massenet?

The Henri SELMER Paris basset horn has been designed with deep respect for the traditions and characteristic sound of the basset-horn. Indeed, this instrument reflects SELMER's exceptional craftsmanship, and is distinguished by the choice to maintain authenticity by allowing playing with a Bb clarinet mouthpiece. This unique feature offers musicians the distinctive sound of the basset-horn,

The meticulous design of the SELMER Paris basset horn clarinet body highlights the exceptional quality of the selected grenadilla wood. Each instrument is crafted with artisanal precision, guaranteeing perfect ergonomics and immediate response.

The rich, deep sound of the Henri SELMER Paris basset horn clarinet, combined with the possibility of playing with a Bb clarinet mouthpiece, makes it an exceptional choice for professional musicians and enlightened amateurs alike. This unique instrument testifies to Selmer's commitment to innovation while preserving musical heritage, offering an authentic and incomparable musical experience.

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birth of a clarinet


Henri SELMER Paris started manufacturing clarinets in the 19th century (Place Dancourt, Paris) and since then has acquired a great reputation in the professional world.

This traditional know-how has been passed down from generation to generation in the Mantes-la-Ville manufacture, which has succeeded in combining innovation and tradition.

Today, a Selmer clarinet consists of 450 parts and requires a high level of craftsmanship.

Technical characteristics
Boehm system (21 keys), silver plated nickel silver keywork, silver plated brass bell
C85 120 Mouthpiece, ligature, cap, swab, cork grease, non-slip adjustable peg, light case. Delivered with 2 necks.
to low C
silver plated keywork
tuning fork
442 Hz
ebony body, silver-plated brass bell, silver-plated nickel silver keywork, leather pads
diameter 15.8 mm
Boehm (21 keys)

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