Our programs now available as podcasts!

Nos programmes maintenant disponibles en podcasts !
In order to better adapt to the everyone' wishes, we now offer our contents in podcasts. This format allows you to enjoy our programs without an internet connection (podcasts are easily downloadable content), but also in the metro, while driving, cooking or drawing…

The Sound and me

This series takes you to the heart of the personal relationship that each musician has with sound. You will discover how each artist approaches this ultimately complex issue, in their own free way, as an opportunity to reveal themselves in an intimate way and to express their own vision. Our community of artists being international, some contents are in English, others in French.

So far, some twenty artists have already been podcasted: Nicolas Arsenijevic, Dmitry Baevsky, Asya Fateyeva, Steve Coleman, Vincent David, Miguel Zenón, Rosario Giuliani, Géraldine Laurent, Branford Marsalis, Antonio Felipe Belijar, Guillaume Perret, Joshua Hyde, Timothy McAllister, Baptiste Herbin, Vincent Lê Quang, Andy Scott, Jean-Charles Richard, Denis Guivar’ch, Pierrick Pédron, Rob Buckland, Eva Barthas...

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History Notes

Conceived in collaboration with collector Douglas Pipher, this program retraces the history of Henri SELMER Paris through its legendary saxophones, from the Modèle 22 to the Super Action through the Super Sax and the various types of Mark VI…

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Radio Clarinette

Discover the clarinet in all its facets through the testimonies of those who play it, teach it, repair it, make it... A content available in French only, produced by clarinetist Adrien Besse, who joined the SELMER company in 2019.

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You can find our programs on the main listening platforms (Spotify, Deezer, Google Podcasts, Apple Podcasts...). Our podcasts are not yet on your favorite platform? Do not hesitate to contact us at

You can of course also find these programs in video on our YouTube channel.