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Bb/A clarinet

Bb/A Muse

Réf. 1104112411

Ease of response, tone rich in harmonics and well calibrated intonation with precise intervals… Get inspired by Muse clarinets!

Designed to become a natural extension of your breath, the Muse clarinets are for musicians looking for instruments with a precise and direct sound. Characterised by ease of play, they offer an immediate vibration, as well as a woody, luminous and resonant tone. Their ergonomic comfort and the design of the keywork allow a very quick adaptation to the instrument.

The Muse clarinet's tuning has also been optimised, well calibrated with precise intervals. It benefits from a great consistency in all registers and in the passage between registers.

The EVOLUTION★ system is integrated into the Muse clarinet. This innovation, based on an internal lining process with a new generation resin, brings better stability and longevity to the instrument, while preserving the acoustic qualities of a traditional wooden clarinet.

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Be inspired

by Muse

Henri SELMER Paris started manufacturing clarinets in the 19th century (Place Dancourt, Paris) and since then has acquired a great reputation in the professional world.

This traditional know-how has been passed down from generation to generation in the Mantes-la-Ville manufacture, which has succeeded in combining innovation and tradition.

The Bb and A Muse clarinets evoke the artists’ source of inspiration and the values that emerge from musical practice, leading to creative freedom, beauty and universal harmony...

Technical characteristics
Boehm standard system Nr 1 (18 keys and 19 keys, 6 rings), silver plated keywork, silver plated and matte black chromed rings
Goretex, leather and cork
Echo Mouthpiece, Cap, Ligature, Swab, Cork grease, PRiSMe case.
Thumb support
silver plated keywork
Sib/La Muse


The new Selmer Muse is a fantastic synergy of Henri Selmer Paris's best attributes: solid keywork, beautiful balanced sound, intonation, precision and a response that leaves you feeling like you can play all colors and styles with ease!
Mariam Adam
With the Muse clarinets we have designed instruments with tone that have both clarity and depth at the same time. A feeling of flexibility enables you to tackle all the repertoires with ease and to naturally master the intonation, no matter what the nuances.
Philippe Berrod
With the Muse, I feel that I have an infinite color palette and that even the slightest musical intention is immediately audible.
Myriam Carrier
The Muse takes away many of the inherent technical challenges of playing the clarinet. With this new-found freedom, I am able to strive for deeper artistic expression. I finally have an instrument that allows me to reach my full potential.
Wesley Ferreira
The Muse clarinets are surprisingly easy to use, with a sound that remains centred on the entire length of the instrument. The left-hand notes are naturally rounded and colorful, making it extremely easy to move between registers.
Sylvie Hue
I love the very soft, lively sound, I would even say that the Muse clarinets are “charming”. All the registers are very consistent and ergonomic, very comfortable, allowing me to play extremely technical passages with great confidence.
Maura Marinucci
The Muse clarinet is a real revolution in the world of modern clarinets. It offers clarity in tone, ease of use, great precision and, most importantly, a sound that has soul, that speaks to you.
Florent Pujuila
In an orchestra, its great stability of precision along with this richness of sound, toned, ample and rounded, give Muse its “chameleon” character, which is vital for blending with different harmonious instruments.
François Sauzeau
I chose the Muse for its sound quality and tuning. Its sound warmth and timbre allow me some extraordinary legatos. Its homogeneity and projection is impressive. I can play with ease in any type of ensemble.
Miguel Àngel Tamarit