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Clarinet mouthpiece

Echo mouthpiece for Bb/A clarinet

Réf. 4104050100
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Echo is the first clarinet mouthpiece Henri SELMER Paris has made entirely on a digital machine, giving it unprecedented production stability.

Developed in close collaboration with leading experts, the Echo mouthpiece is universal making it suitable for all clarinetists. With a round and colourful sound combined with extreme ease of play, it allows musicians to forget their instrument and focus entirely on the music.

  • Table opening: 1.08 mm.
  • Table length: 22 mm.
  • Chamber: trapezoidal.
  • Included: mouthpiece cushion.

When you buy this mouthpiece on our website, you will receive a ligature as a gift.

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Made in France France : 3 à 4 jours
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They play

The Echo Mouthpiece

It combines playing comfort, a rich tone that is never harsh, and accurate sound emission… A pleasure to play for demanding ears!
Philippe Berrod
It is a well-balanced mouthpiece: it responds with ease and offers a rich and warm sound, it gives me guidance while allowing me freedom. And to top it off, it plays perfectly in tune over the entire range of clarinet!
Simone Weber
Easy to play and precise in its attack, with a round, flexible sound, but most importantly, it faithfully reproduces the musician's intentions in terms of timbre and colour; it imposes nothing and allows everything!
Joë Christophe