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Bb/A clarinet

Recital Bb/A clarinets

Réf. 1104052411

Unavoidable pillars of the Henri SELMER Paris range, the 'Récital' clarinets offer an incomparable density and roundness of sound.

A sophisticated bore, and the matter as well, a particularly selected and worked grenadilla wood, have made possible the genesis of a particular sonority; noble and living matter, the wood itself gives the "Recital" this warm, rich and round tone, with an exceptional presence (diameter of the joints is bigger than a traditional model, by two millimetres).

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birth of a clarinet


Henri SELMER Paris started manufacturing clarinets in the 19th century (Place Dancourt, Paris) and since then has acquired a great reputation in the professional world.

This traditional know-how has been passed down from generation to generation in the Mantes-la-Ville manufacture, which has succeeded in combining innovation and tradition.

Today, a Selmer clarinet consists of 450 parts and requires a high level of craftsmanship.

Technical characteristics
standard Boehm system with Eb lever, silver plated nickel silver keywork
Concept mouthpiece, cap, ligature, swab, cork grease, PRiSMe case
Thumb support
silver plated
Recital clarinet


For me, Selmer is first of all a different sound. When I discovered the Recital, that’s what appealed to me right off the bat. It was a sound I’d never heard before. That’s why I found the instrument brilliant! What I particularly like about the Recital is that the sound never ‘breaks’, even when played very loud.
Alessandro Carbonare
The Recital's main qualities are undoubtedly its accuracy, its homogeneity in all registers, its smooth, mellow sound and its excellent sound projection.
Claude Crousier
This instrument is very easy to play and allows you to be at ease in all kinds of music. The Recital is consistent in all registers, flexible, well balanced, of an unequalled expressive roundness. This is my Stradivarius!
Guy Dangain
Selmer Recital is like a good friend for me. I can always trust it on stage, it helps me when needed and I enjoy every moment of making music together.
Karel Dohnal
The Recital clarinet gives me the maximum freedom of expression.
Giampietro Giumento
I love my Selmer Recital for its exceptional expressive capabilities and remarkable versatility. Its extensive range of tones and sounds empowers me to fully explore the potential of my instrument, enabling me to deliver performances of unparalleled depth and richness.
Manuel Martínez
I love the variety available with Selmer clarinets. There is a real depth to the sound that you don't get with other clarinets. Darkness, warmth & virtuosity!
Hannah Shilvock