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Spirit mouthpiece for alto saxophone

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Designed together with Pierrick Pedron, one of the most prominent French Jazz players, the new Henri SELMER Paris Jazz mouthpiece for alto saxophoneoffers outstanding musical qualities. Machined from a high quality hard rubber bar, an exclusive Henri SELMER Paris process.

A great sound: a full spectrum, very rich in low harmonics though keeping a real “cutting through” power. Remarkable enough, the global tone colour remains in its entirety on all registers, specially for the medium register which usually has a trend to loose texture in that kind of mouthpiece conception, a noticeable advantage for recording. A well-balanced tuning and easy control provide a rarely reached playing comfort on a Jazz mouthpiece. An easy blowing mouthpiece with an excellent articulation (detached notes).

“Spirit”, the ultimate must for Jazz mouthpiece!

  • Table openings: 184 (1.84 mm), 210 (2.10 mm).
  • Table length: 27mm.
  • Chamber: round.
  • Mouthpiece cushion included.

When you buy this mouthpiece on our website, you will receive a ligature as a gift.

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Made in France France : 3 à 4 jours
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