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alto saxophone

Super Action 80 Series II

Réf. 2313020076
The “Super Action 80 Series II” called “Series II” is the oldest model manufactured in our factory. It holds the acoustic qualities of historic models. Backbone of our catalogue, it is the alto versatile par excellence.
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Birth of a saxophone


The saxophone is a particularly sensitive instrument, consisting of more than 600 parts. Its production requires more than 2,000 operations.

At Henri SELMER Paris, the manufacturing process is totally integrated for a better control of quality and supply processes.

In the century-old workshops located in Mantes-la-Ville, our craftspeople use traditional, unique and authentic know-how, combining high technology with respect for traditional methods of making instruments.

Technical characteristics
lacquered brass.
leather with metal resonator with rivet.
S80 C* mouthpiece, cap, ligature, neck strap, swab, cork grease, light case.
low Bb / high F#.
Thumb support
right hand (multidirectional) in resin.
Super Action 80 Series II alto


The Super Action 80 Series II alto is rich in harmonics and has a malleable sound.
Vicente Contador
My silver Series II alto saxophone has a unique sound that makes every performance unique and colourful.
Mari Ángeles del Valle Casado
Highly flexible instruments that blend into a family of sounds that are crucial to Kebyart's sound.
Ensemble Kebyart
The Selmer Series II alto saxophone is a very complete instrument with an admirable richness of sound.
Miguel Ángel Lorente
I fell in love with Selmer's unique sound and have never been able to part with it. The sound quality and the control are really incredible, which is what I'm looking for.
Lars Mlekusch
Selmer instruments are special, in these saxophones I can really achieve my goal. Their supple, warm sound gives me a lot of scope for different styles and approaches.
Nuno Silva
Since the start of my career, I've played Selmer instruments because they give me what I want from an instrument: power, colour, emotion and security. It is the instrument that represents me completely and with which I can express everything that is in me...
Gabor Bunford Buga