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Bb / A clarinets

Clarinette ProloguePrologue

Light and easy to play, the Prologue clarinet offers immediate comfort. The ergonomic silver plated keywork enables a natural and rapid adaptation to the instrument.

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The sound of the Présence clarinet is a mix of harmonic richness, and timbre. Also, the research done on the position and size of the tone holes has given this clarinet unrivalled intonation.

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A sophisticated bore and a particularly selected wood, have made possible the genesis of a particular sonority ; a warm, rich and round tone, with an exceptional presence.

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The tone is a subtle mixing of sweetness and energy. A wide dynamic range facilitates pianissimo and unsaturated fortissimo, with a perfectly homogeneous tone over the various registers.

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Known for their great flexibility and stability, the Privilège clarinets are being refined in aesthetics, ergonomics and accuracy. They offer an excellent mechanical response.

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The Muse clarinets offer a great ease of playing, a direct and precise response, and a wame & colorful tone, and a well calibrated intonation with precise intervals.

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Bass clarinets

Clarinette basse privilège à l'ut Low C Privilège bass clarinet

The Privilège bass clarinet combines strikingly easy blowing and a round, warm sound that has gained in homogeneity and power. Its versatility also enables real work on the sound imprint.

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Clarinette basse privilège au MibLow Eb Privilège clarinet

The Privilège bass clarinet combines strikingly easy blowing and a round, warm sound that has gained in homogeneity and power. Its great responsiveness provides swiftness close to the B-flat and opens up a feeling of freedom.

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Eb clarinet

Clarinette Mib RécitalRécital

An instrument for which the quality of the sound is premium: round, consistent, without aggressiveness. The instrument fits into orchestras very well.

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Contralto clarinet

Clarinette contraltoContralto

The Contralto clarinet draws on all the charms of its superbly smooth, deep register, which gives it exceptional range.

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Contrabass clarinet

Clarinette contrebasseContrabass

The shape of the Contrabass clarinet is what sets it apart from the rest of the family: folded back on itself, it is 2.31 meters long. Made from metal and wood, it extends to a low Bb bass octave.

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Alto clarinet

Clarinette altoAlto

The alto clarinet in Eb differs from other clarinets in its curved metal neck and bell, much like the basset horn. It is a much sought after instrument and is particularly appreciated in chamber music.

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Basset horn clarinet

Clarinette Cor de BassetBasset horn

Who wouldn't think of Mozart and his Requiem when considering this instrument that was also a favourite of Strauss and Massenet ? Previously bent in the middle, today's basset horn is straight in form and has a metal neck.

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Several barrels are available...


E-Flat Clarinet Recital barrel

Conical bore.
Two different standard lengths : Short, 43 mm Long, 45 mm.


baril recital B-Flat Clarinet Recital barrel

Conical bore.
Two different lengths, as standard : Short (62.5 mm) and Long (64.5 mm). Same standard lengths for instruments tuned 440 or 442.


Baril signature B-Flat Clarinet Signature barrel

Conical bore.
Two different standard lengths for each pitch (440 and 442).
For 440 : Short (62.5 mm) and Long (64.5 mm).
For 442 : Short (63 mm) and Long (65 mm).


B-Flat Clarinet Présence barrel

Conical bore.
Standard lenght (65.5).
Special lenght (64.5 ou 66.5).