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Recital Bb / A Clarinet
Bb/A Clarinet
Recital Bb / A Clarinet

A sophisticated bore, and the matter as well, a particularly selected and worked grenadilla wood, have made possible the genesis of a unique sonority; noble and living matter, the wood itself gives the "Recital" this warm, rich and round tone, with an exceptional presence (diameter of the... + Read more

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Recital Bb / A Clarinet
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B-flat clarinet Focus mouthpiece
Its smallest opening improves control and provides wide flexibility to the entire range. A balanced distribution of spatial volume facilitates...
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"I love my Selmer Recital because I think there's something special and magical about the sound... Something so different that I've never found in any other clarinet before."
Antonio Capolupo
"This instrument is very easy to play and allows you to be at ease in all kinds of music. The Recital is homogeneous in all registers, supple, accurate, of an unequalled expressive roundness. This is my Stradivarius!"
Guy Dangain
"Selmer Recital clarinets are the closest to my concept of sound, always soft, but also aggressive and penetrating. They are very flexible and allow me to achieve a homogeneous sound in both legato and staccato."
Angelo De Angelis
"Selmer Recital clarinets give me maximum freedom of expression and allow me to create a wide variety of musical colours."
Giampietro Giumento
"The Selmer Recital lets you play with colours of tone and timbre and gives you more freedom of musical expression. Its detailed, rich sound just embraces you when you play."
Matic Titovšek
"The Recital model is like no other clarinet. the depth and warmth of sound is unparalleled. I can express the true meaning of music with this instrument."
Guy Yehuda
"I haven't found the SELMER Paris 'Recital' type of sound in any other clarinet. Its warmth and the combination of the dynamic on all registers make it very special. At same time I find it easy to reach a very extended range of colours with these clarinets."
Eneko Iriarte Velasco