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Privilege Bb / A Clarinet
Bb/A Clarinet
Privilege Bb / A Clarinet

Known for their great flexibility and stability, the clarinets Privilège are being refined in aesthetics, ergonomics and accuracy.
The keys redesigned, the new key orientation and improvement of the mechanical response make it easier the clarinettist's... + Read more

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B-flat clarinet - Evolution
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B-flat clarinet - Black finish
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A clarinet - Evolution
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A clarinet - Black finish
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Privilege Bb / A Clarinet
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What's behind

At Henri SELMER Paris, the production line is completely integrated enabling both better control of the quality and of the supply process.

In our workshops located in Mantes-la-Ville since 1919, nearly 500 craftspeople mobilize a traditional, unique and authentic know-how, combining high technology with the respect of the artisanal instrument manufacturing. Discover the main stages of production.

Soprano saxophones range

Technical caracteristics
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Bb and A
64.5 and 65.5 mm
Standard Boehm N°1 (17 Keys, 6 Rings) with Eb lever/left hand
chromed brass or matte black
Thumb rest
leather, Gore-Tex and cork
metal tenon sockets (male and female)
silver plated or matte black keywork
Concept mouthpiece with ligature and cap, swab, cork grease, PRiSMe case (single and double).
Serial number
Year of manufacture
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B-flat clarinet Focus mouthpiece
Its smallest opening improves control and provides wide flexibility to the entire range. A balanced distribution of spatial volume facilitates...
they play
this instrument
"The intonation, balance of sound and octaves are instantly unique to Selmer clarinets while the quality of tone allows for many colors and levels of personal sound."
Mariam Adam
"I was also excited by the Privilège soprano clarinets which have a balanced velvety sound, and fabulous intonation!"
Amy Advocat
"It allows me to bring out best my own personal sound."
Kinan Azmeh
"Fantastic ease and voluptuous intonation. Expressive pleasure and technical comfort."
Béatrice Berne
"Here's a clarinet that sings naturally. I find it remarkably supple, the high notes are never aggressive while being perfectly defined and the projection is excellent, as well as its stability of intonation over the whole range."
Philippe Berrod
"The Selmer clarinets stand out and make it easy to focus on music-making and communicating with colleagues on stage and with the audience. I also love being a part of the Selmer family."
David Carter
"I recommend these fine instruments for their natural versatility and roundness, allowing the musician to produce the most faithful sound to what he is looking for. A very large palette of timbre and colors are available, it's a huge playground!"
Joë Christophe
"For electroacoustic music, the Selmer Privilège clarinet is the ideal instrument: its round, rich and balanced timbre lends itself perfectly to the wisest and craziest digital experiments."
Pierre Bertaud du Chazaud
"The Privilège clarinets are very versatile instruments and with great technical possibilities while retaining the great Selmer sound."
Esteban Valverde
"Great, beautiful sound with a very good projection. The density of the sound is slightly increased, thus making the register changes even smoother."
Joris Lumeij
"A warm, enveloping sound, it is a pleasant instrument to play and versatile enough to adapt to different repertoires."
Damien Sliwa
"I particularly appreciate the "flexibility" and the accuracy of the instrument. Instrument which has a real personality, and which allows a very interesting work on the sound."
François Marquet
"Finding your perfect instrument is like finding true love. When that happens you feel full and happy, with a lot of energy, passion, very sure about yourself and that's what I found in my Privilège!"
Gustavo César Yescas Núñez
"The 'Privilège' combines roundness of sound and projection, its intonation is a real asset to the orchestra. The ergonomics are also a real success, I immediately felt at ease on the instrument."
Benjamin Duthoit
"Finding your perfect instrument is like finding true love. When that happens you feel full and happy, with a lot of energy, passion, very sure about yourself and that's what I found in my Privilège!"
Gustavo César Yescas Núñez
"The clean and homogenous sound of my Privilège clarinets, alongside with it's amazing intonation, makes me love to play with Selmer."
Darkson Magrinelli
"Selmer's Privilège clarinets provide me incredible consistency and allow me to communicate my voice as a musician with ease. Since I began using these clarinets, I have evolved as a performer and would recommend them to anyone who is looking for an instrument that can do it all."
Vince Dominguez
"I feel confident with my instruments and the entire Selmer team. My clarinets offer me the "privilege" of being less in the clarinet and more in the music! I particularly like their homogeneity."
Tanguy Gallavardin