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Low Eb Privilege clarinet
Bass Clarinet
Low Eb Privilege clarinet

The Privilège bass clarinet combines strikingly easy blowing and a round, warm sound that has gained in homogeneity and power. Its versatility also enables real work on the sound imprint. Tuning is very much improved and balanced over all registers.

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Low Eb Privilege clarinet
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Bass clarinet Concept mouthpiece
All while preserving the facility of sound emission, its larger opening favors a breadth of sound throughout the registers, allowing...
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"I've always been a Selmer player, ever since I was 12. I love the huge sound, the freedom of timbre and character, and the versatility the instrument provides."
Michael Lowenstern
"Selmer Privilege bass clarinet, simply the best bassclarinet ever. Beautiful , rich sound, smart keywork and perfect intonation"
Karel Dohnal
"I demand a lot from my instruments in terms of tonal variation, dynamic range and ease of use. My Selmer Privilege Bass Clarinet delivers in spades in each regard. It is expressive in the extreme with a strong, warm tone at the core of the sound. I can’t recommend it highly enough!"
Adam Simmons
"Selmer Privilege bass clarinet comes with me wherever I want to go musically. If you have a sound in your head, it’ll help you produce it. This is an instrument that can truly sound your voice."
Oğuz Büyükberber