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Signature Bb / A Clarinet
Bb/A Clarinet
Signature Bb / A Clarinet

Signature is a unique and unrivalled concept.

The tone, a right compromise between roundness and presence, is a subtle mixing of sweetness and energy.
A wide dynamic range facilitates pianissimo and unsaturated fortissimo, with a perfectly homogeneous tone over the various registers.+ Read more

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Signature Bb / A Clarinet
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B-flat clarinet Focus mouthpiece
Its smallest opening improves control and provides wide flexibility to the entire range. A balanced distribution of spatial volume facilitates...
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"I like the personality of the Selmer Paris instrument's timbre, its richness linked to roundness, homogeneity, fullness and its sensuality. This allows me to work with flexibility to give ductility and texture to the singing."
Jacques Di Donato
"Beautiful round and focused tone with the flexibility to express in a multitude of directions."
Oran Etkin
"Singing, strong versatility supported by solid evenness of pitch and resonance."
Maureen Hurd Hause
"The Signature clarinet produces a beautiful dark sound. I enjoy performing with it as soloist, chamber musician and as principal clarinet in the orchestra."
Jože Kotar
"It is a robust instrument, with a rich sound allowing a lot of explorations."
Joris Rühl
"In my Signature clarinets, I find a sound full of harmonics, a wonderful colour that I can customize and an extraordinary dynamic range that keeps the sound centered even when I play fff!"
Justo Sanz
"The Signature provides both power and bel canto lyricism allowing me to perform technical passages with ease and to deploy the full range of nuances necessary for orchestral playing. With this instrument I have found my true voice."
Stephen Williamson
"I love my Selmer Signature clarinets because they allow me to create a sound with a deep, solid core that emanates warmth. I would recommend this instrument to anyone who wants a unique, rich sound that has both power and flexibility."
Katherine Kohler
"I only needed a few notes to appreciate the great homogeneity of this instrument. In orchestra settings the Signature clarinet allows me to switch from saxophones to clarinets without losing sound quality."
Davy Basquin