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Low C Privilege bass clarinet
Bass Clarinet
Low C Privilege bass clarinet

The Privilege bass clarinet combines strikingly easy blowing and a round, warm sound that has gained in homogeneity and power. Its versatility also enables real work on the sound imprint. Tuning is very much improved and balanced over all registers.

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B-flat Bass clarinet Low C
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B-flat Bass clarinet Low C - Black finish
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Low C Privilege bass clarinet
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Technical caracteristics
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Upper joint: 23,5 mm - Lower joint: 23,4 mm
Closed or open curve
22 keys, articulated G sharp, E-flat lever + E-flat to the thumb, automatic octave key
Silver-plated nickel silver and brass keywork - Upper and lower joints in ebony - Silver-plated brass bell - Leather pads fitted with metal resonators - Stainless steel needle springs.
3,6 kg
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Bass clarinet Concept mouthpiece
All while preserving the facility of sound emission, its larger opening favors a breadth of sound throughout the registers, allowing...
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"These clarinets give me excellent sound flexibility from dark to bright over the whole range with nearly no limitiations in expression."
Stephan Vermeersch
"The tone is huge, clear and warm. The key work is fluid and sturdy. The intonation is the most even of all Bass Clarinets I have played. This instrument never gets in my way, and I feel my voice is best heard through it. Playing the Selmer Privilege Bass Clarinet is a blissfully divine experience."
Marcus Strickland
"A unique instrument, with a huge sound, full of harmonics, the fastest of all bass clarinets for its refined and precise mechanism!"
Justo Sanz
"The Selmer bass clarinet is great to create your owns sound. It has nothing to do with a prefabricated sound. The perfect tool for the professional musician."
Pedro Rubio
"Each individual voice matters, although we are all in it together. Selmer clarinets allow personal expression with ease. For me Selmer represents the distinctiveness of the individual voice with the intention to bring beauty and love into the world through craft and the unique poetry of music."
Paul Roe
"I love the sound and flexibility of the instrument, the impeccable pitch, the projection and the effortless high and altissimo registers. The bass clarinet really has a homogeneous sound throughout the whole range. I like being able to make music without worrying about the mechanics."
Stefanie Gardner
"My Privilege Bass clarinet to Low C has a really powerful sound. It is rich in harmonics, very easy to play in all registers and with a divine tuning. It's amazing!"
Edgar Silva
"Smoothness, bestiality, singing, screaming, this bass clarinet makes me travel to the heart of the timbre each time I blow it. It is the instrument of all repertoires, a universe of its own."
Davy Basquin