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Series III alto
Alto Saxophone
Series III alto

The “Series III” alto saxophone is part of the “Selmer sound” tradition: open and centred, it offers the musician pure playing pleasure. Capable of responding to the slightest inflection of breath, it allows each person the chance to express oneself in complete freedom.

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Solid silver
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Series III alto
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What's behind

Made up of more than 600 parts for the alto, the saxophone is a particularly complex instrument. At Henri SELMER Paris, the production line is completely integrated enabling both better control of the quality and of the supply process.

In our workshops located in Mantes-la-Ville since 1919, nearly 500 craftspeople mobilize a traditional, unique and authentic know-how, combining high technology with the respect of the artisanal instrument manufacturing. Discover the main stages of production.


Alto saxophones range

Technical caracteristics
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from low Bb to high F#
lacquered brass
double C# mechanism
Thumb rests
left hand and right hand (adjustable) in synthetic material
leather with metal resonator with rivet
lacquered, silver plated, black, brushed, solid silver, gold plated
S80 C* Alto mouthpiece with ligature and cap, neck strap, swab, cork grease, Light Alto case.
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E-flat alto saxophone Claude Delangle mouthpiece
This pioneering bi-material mouthpiece with its unique acoustic and sound properties testifies to Henri SELMER Paris’ evergrowing desire to improve...
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this instrument
"The Selmer 'Serie III' Alto Saxophone has a warm tone in the bass and an undeniable brilliance in the treble. No matter what repertoire you play, it will amaze you at every moment."
Frédéric Basquin
"It gives me everything I can expect from a professional saxophone: fast and efficient response, clear and powerful sound, great projection, dense and also brilliant colours and all with remarkable homogeneity."
Rodrigo Capistrano
"I find a whole world of possibilities with my gold-plated Series III: purity of sound, projection, roundness, timbre, balanced accuracy and a huge range of colours."
Antonio Garcia Jorge
"I own a gold-plated Series III Alto saxophone. Very accurate, perfect ergonomics, easy emission, perfect sound projection, very warm tone..."
Carlos Gontijo
"It allows me to find the sound I need in any situation. In the intimacy of the softest nuances of classical or contemporary music as well as in the explosion of dynamism that I love in jazz or improvised music."
Philippe Geiss
"Henri SELMER Paris saxophones have an unequalled sound signature, homogeneous and warm, suitable for all contexts."
Philippe Lecocq
"I appreciate the centered and homogeneous sound of my Series III alto saxophone."
Adrien Lajoumard
"I love his personality. It's a privilege to have total flexibility in sound and register. This instrument is unique because of the way it is made. It gives us everything we need as an artist."
Ordonnez de Arce
"I started playing Henri SELMER Paris saxophones in 1972. First the 'Mark VI' then 'Serie II' and 'Serie III'. Since then, I have never changed because these instruments have musical and technical qualities that perfectly meet my expectations."
Anatoly Vapirov
"I play a Series III viola, solid silver jar. The instrument is very pleasant and homogeneous with a great playing flexibility. The solid silver jar brings a beautiful roundness of sound."
Xavier Rosselle
"It has a warm and charismatic sound with a large projection, perfect for solo and chamber music performances."
Stéphane Sordet
"The sound of the Series III Alto is very rich in overtones, the roundness of the bass and the brilliance of the high notes are astonishing."
Saxo Clone
"I love it because I can achieve the sound I want. I recommend it because it is the saxophone with the best design in the world."
Harold Guillén Monge
"I love Henri SELMER Paris saxophones for their richness of tone and sound. They have very good ergonomics. They are versatile instruments with a very good balance of registers and tuning, and very good mechanics. They are sober and "classy" instruments."
Éric Caudron
"I’ve always played only Selmer saxophones: in my opinion, Selmer is to saxophone what Mercedes is to cars, Rolex to watches, Parmigiano to Italian cuisine… simply the best!"
Fabrizio Paoletti
"When playing Selmer saxophones I always have the feeling that I can constantly develop my skills, such as sound and playing technique. Only the Henri Selmer Paris saxophones guarantee the feeling of being able to develop these elements without putting any limitations on my capability."
Włodzimierz Spodymek
"I've been playing Selmer saxophones for over fifteen years and they are still my best ambassadors."
Sumika Tsujimoto
"It's a perfect combination of the inner self and the transmitter, the saxophone. There are endless timbral possibilities with Selmer saxophones. You can achieve anything you set your mind to."
Xavier Larsson Paez
"My Selmer Series III saxophone has been with me since I was 12. It has something deep and special that makes you connect with the instrument in a very singular way."
Manu Brazo