Jesús Núñez

Jesús Núñez

Jesús Núñez is a permanent stimulus for composers, who create for him and dedicate his new repertoire to him, and a cultural agitator who has participated in the creation of interesting current formations.


Jesús Núñez studied music at the C.E.M. “Andrés Segovia” in Dos Hermanas (Seville), C.P.M. "Francisco Guerrero" and C.S.M. "Manuel Castillo" in Seville. He holds also a Master’s in musical research from VIU (Valencian International University).

He has won several awards, both national and international (Santiago de Compostela, Seville, Palmela or Pontinvrea). In addition, he has performed in different festivals and concert cycles in Seville, Cádiz, Madrid, Valencia, Badajoz, Rouen (France), Ljubljana (Slovenia), Brest (France), Pontinvrea (Italy), Dublin (Ireland), Edinburgh (United Kingdom), Palmela and Porto (Portugal), Zagreb (Croatia) ...

He has taught advanced classes and courses in Seville, Granada, Edinburgh, Cádiz, Madrid, Úbeda, Alicante ... Currently, he is saxophone professor at the Conservatorio Superior de Música “Rafael Orozco" in Córdoba (Spain).

He is committed with the creation a new repertoire to saxophone, working with various composers. This has resulted in numerous works, such as Sonora (bass saxophone and electronic) and Obssesionel (tenor saxophone and wind orchestra) by Eneko Vadillo, Connecting people (baritone saxophone) by A. Romero-Ramírez, S.O.S. I (bass saxophone and electronic) by Juan de Dios García Aguilera, El arte de la guerra (saxophones quintet) by Nuria Núñez, Inmanencia II (bass saxophone) by Francisco Martín Quintero, Het Lam Gods (tenor and electronic saxophone) by Alberto Carretero, Seville (alto saxophone) by Jordi Orts, Comala Koan (saxophone duo) by José del Valle, Particle (alto saxophone and piano) by Orie Sato, Interludios flamencos (saxophone duo and electronic) by Eduardo Polonio, Alberto Carretero, Carolina Cerezo, Dativo Tobarra and Lula Romero... up to more than 50 compositions.

Due to his concern to enhance the current repertoire, he has recorded or collaborated several CD's such as "El arte de la Transmutación" Monographic Cd of Fernando Villanueva, "Diálogos" with Dúo Lisus, "Open your mind" with Dúo SinCronía, "S3" with S3-Spectral Sax Style... In addition, he is a founding member of the groups dedicated to contemporary music Dúo SinCronía (saxophone and piano), Dúo Lisus (saxophone duo), S3-Spectral Sax Style (saxophone and electronics), AneXas group of saxophones and the website “Saxoteca” (saxophone sound library).