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Soprano saxophone

Series III

Réf. 2312030076

The Henri SELMER Paris Series III soprano offers a beautiful roundness of sound and a great richness of tone. It is characterized in particular by its great ease of emission, especially in the high notes.

Its ambitus is extended by the addition of a key allowing to reach the high G. Thanks to its ergonomics, it offers a comfort of play quite similar to that of the alto.

Comfort is increased by the choice between two removable necks, one straight and the other curved, allowing an alternative in terms of playing position and sound.

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Birth of a saxophone


The saxophone is a particularly sensitive instrument, consisting of more than 600 parts. Its production requires more than 2,000 operations.

At Henri SELMER Paris, the manufacturing process is totally integrated for a better control of quality and supply processes.

In the century-old workshops located in Mantes-la-Ville, our craftspeople use traditional, unique and authentic know-how, combining high technology with respect for traditional methods of making instruments.

Technical characteristics
ressorts aiguille en acier inox
leather with metal resonator
S80 C* mouthpiece, cap, ligature, neck strap, swab, cork grease, Light case, 2 removable necks (straight and curved)
low Bb / high G
Thumb support
right hand (multidirectional) in metal
lacquered, silver plated, black, brushed, solid silver, gold plated.
Soprano Série III


I particularly like the sound colour of my Series III soprano saxophone. It's an instrument that allows me to play all the repertoires, the most extreme nuances in all registers, and to express a great deal of sensitivity. I love it!
Davy Basquin
I've always loved the Selmer sound. It is this unique sound, with great flexibility, which allows vital artistic freedom to express and share the magic of the moment.
Antonio Felipe Belijar
Selmer saxophones are very versatile, which allows us to create our individual sound in different musical genres with ease. The sound is brilliant and easy to project, whatever the requirements.
Vincent David
This instrument allows the musician to find his own palette of sounds, to invent new ones and more. It is rich, versatile and inspiring to play.
Joshua Hyde
We chose Selmer instruments because they allow us to find the sound of our quartet and because they fit together perfectly. The harmonic richness of the sound combined with its versatility gives us the possibility of adapting to all musical genres.
Alex Singleton
Selmer saxophones carry with them a long history of expertise that not only guarantees top-level performances but also opens up unexpected avenues of interpretation that further broaden the performer's horizons.
The Series III is the fairest soprano I've ever played. It's the only one I trust.