The DUO AQUARIUS associates the saxophones of Nicolas Gilch with the piano of Joëlle Chaillou-Chouraki.

It is the result of a friendship, of a natural interaction between the two instrumentalists and of a need to share music, in all its forms...

Indeed, driven by a desire for osmosis and discovery, this rare, curious and demanding group explores all the repertoires coming from the West and the East of Europe, from the North as well as the South of the American continent. The transcriptions rub shoulders with original works, but also with contemporary creations or adaptations, in order to constantly broaden the programs with new themes and sometimes unknown pieces.

The meeting of these two musicians and teachers, each with a solid professional background and rich musical experience, transforms the simple collaboration into a real artistic symbiosis. The touch of the piano and the breathing of the saxophone, a constant concern for harmony, rhythm and expression combined with a desire for spontaneity, form the basis of their work.

Driven by his passion, his desire for exchange and transmission, here is a duo where aesthetics, eclecticism, rigor mixed with fantasy for any event merge...

He regularly performs in Parisian venues.


Photo credit: Yvan Lastes