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After 100 years of saxophone innovation, conception and manufacturing, Henri SELMER Paris is redefining the modern identity of the tenor saxophone with the Supreme. The creation of this instrument embodies the culmination of an age-old savoir-faire combined with a perfect mastery of fabrication tools, all rising to meet the expectations of the Maison SELMER.

The tenor joins the Supreme family

Two years after the release of the alto Supreme, worldwide success, the range is expanding with the arrival of the tenor.

It has taken over 12 years to design the tenor Supreme, and to achieve the ambitious objective set from the beginning: to create the best tenor saxophone ever made by Henri SELMER Paris in terms of acoustics, mechanics, ergonomics and aesthetics.

Dozens of tenor players of all musical genres from around the world have participated in the various trials to define the many fundamental details which have given birth to the tenor Supreme: an instrument with strong ties to its past, conceived for the music of today and tomorrow.


Pleasure and evidence of play

The tenor Supreme achieves the feat of surpassing the flexibility and sensation of lightness found in historic models and combining those features with the precision and precision of pitch found in modern ones. It is both powerful and capable of infinite refinement. It allows for an impressive power or a very expressive lyricism. Its dynamic possibilities go from a barely audible whisper to a wailing scream.

This saxophone defies the natural inertia inherent to the tenor, offering a real sensation of lightness from the moment it enters the musicians' hands, thanks to a redistribution of its overall equilibrium and its compact ergonomics. This liberty manifests itself, above all, in the immense flexibility and suppleness of sound, previously unattainable in a tenor, which has been achieved with the new bore.

The tenor saxophone is present in the classical repertoire, and namely in chamber music, where it plays an essential role within the saxophone quartet. It also expresses itself through several well known orchestral solos (Bolero, Romeo and Juliet, etc.). Contemporary composers are increasingly featuring it in their work, but it is primarily through jazz that it has developed the richest history, and through which its most iconic figures have become known.

The name Supreme pays tribute to John Coltrane (and his album A Love Supreme ), whose sound and music have marked history. The raison d’être of the tenor Supreme is embodied in the desire to carry on this legacy.


Optimized production for more precision

  • More precise boring of the diameter of the neck entrance
  • Three-dimensional manufacturing check
  • Tone hole extruding machine for extruding by tone hole groups

All these elements allow for more homogeneity of fabrication, reducing acoustic differences between instruments, even if subtle differences still remain. 


Acoustic quality

supreme tenor

In-house research has enabled us to push back the physical limits of the compromise between tuning, timbre and response:

  • New bore in the neck, with increased entrance and exit diameters for more projection and a fuller sound.
  • Modified tone holes diameters.
  • Elongated bell for a more precisely pitched and generous lower register.
  • Newly defined body vent.
  • Reduced key diameter to “free” the tone holes and optimize the timbre.
  • Reduction of the keywork course for increased finger speed.

A unique sound thanks to perfect equilibrium:

  • Great projection power.
  • Unparalleled flexibility and ease of play.
  • Roundness combined with an immense richness of timbres.
  • Ideally distributed pitch precision.


Mechanics and ergonomics

Nickel silver tightening ring on the neck receiver, bringing density to this delicate area. Since it is not connected to the neck receiver, its position is adjustable.


3-point concentric clamp on the neck receiver for a better junction between the neck and the body, ensuring a better hold over time and avoiding deformation of the neck and the tenon.


Direct adjustment arm between the right hand  F# and F keys, allowing for finer, more reliable adjustment.


Octave key system with teflon supports.
This limits movement, noise and wear.


Hinged toggle on left hand pinky finger keys allows for greater ease of movement from one key to another.

Redesign of side key forms and placements, facilitating transition from one to the other.


Repositioned strap ring for better overall equilibrium.


Creative and bold aesthetics

The overall aesthetic of the Supreme has been carefully considered, evoking fluidity of play through its streamlined form and roundness through the softening of the angles. All key guards (Low B and B-flat, side F#, E-flat, C and flat guard) have been redesigned in harmony with the instrument and the bow reinforcement has been given a new design. 

The engraving evokes a sense of universality. The genesis of sound is incarnated in an explosion mixing the floral motif -traditional in SELMER engraving- with cubic forms illustrating the structure of metal molecules.  This unique combination of elements suggests the projection of air, movement, speed and life. A disc in the background evokes a planet, echoing this notion of infinite space. 

The warm hue of the Dark Gold lacquer is reminiscent of the finish used since the 1940s.

Supreme tenor engraving


Included accessories

supreme accessories
    • Supreme case: An exclusively designed case made especially for the Supreme by our partner, BAM. Although compact, it benefits from a large storage space and two detachable inside pockets.  The straps allow for comfortable carrying on the back. Its shell in midnight blue ABS recalls the color of the “S” on the neck key.

    • Concept mouthpiece: Boasting an innovative and refined design, the Concept mouthpiece benefits from the latest in fabrication technology. Combining facility, richness of sound and great homogeneity across all parameters, the Concept is a model with high precision acoustics. It is accompanied by a matching mouthpiece cap and ligature.

    • Neck strap: Neck strap in leather and foam. The gilded metal slider is marked in black with the Henri SELMER Paris logo.

    • Silk/microfibre textile: Dual-material textile made in the form of the case: a microfiber side printed with the Supreme engraving motif and a silk side. It covers the instrument inside its case, offering maximum protection for your saxophone.

    • Body swab: With its round form and Supreme engraving motif, this microfiber swab has a thick, absorbent foam pad in the center for extra absorbancy.

    • Neck swab: This microfiber swab cloth is decorated with the Supreme engraving motif.

    • Cork grease: The grease stick is marked with the Supreme engraving pattern.

    • Metal plug.




    David Sanchez “The tenor Supreme has everything. What I seek from a horn is to have that palette, different textures. What strikes me the most with this tenor is how many different ways I can actually play it. Ergonomically I don't have to think, it's just there."

    David Sanchez


    Melissa Aldana

    “I am surprised how in tune and how responsive the tenor Supreme is. The first thing that I love is the consistency of the sound and the intonation. It feels very easy to play. It just sounds like what I am hearing in my head. The sound is very nice.”

    Melissa Aldana


    chris potter

    “The tenor Supreme has those things that are important to me. It has a nice bark when you lay into it, it doesn't feel like it fizzles out. It's similar to my old Mark VI or to my Super Balanced Action. I love the color of it.”

    Chris Potter



    Branford Marsalis

    I started playing the tenor Supreme and immediately the sound of the horn was amazing. It can play any kind of music in any range. It reminds me of the old horns.

    Branford Marsalis



    Ravi Coltrane

    “I have been waiting for Selmer to make a new horn that rivals the old instruments. I believe the tenor supreme has that. It plays better than my super balanced action. The tenor Supreme has a lot of power, with effortless feel in the keys, beautiful low hand, lot of thick core sound. It plays even in all the registers with a beautiful tone."

    Ravi Coltrane



    Rick Margitza

    “The tenor Supreme plays great. It plays as good or even better than a lot of the vintage horns that I have tried. It's dark and bright at the same time. It has a fullness."

    Rick Margitza


    Eli Degibri

    “The Supreme tenor is so beautiful, so balanced. He has incredible projection. Thank you for making this beautiful saxophone!”

    Eli Degibri



    Sumika Tsumimoto

    The Supreme tenor is an ideal instrument, promising a new era.”

    Sumika Tsujimoto



    Irving Arcao

    “The Supreme tenor is an extraordinary instrument. It surpasses historical models.”

    Irving Arcao



    “I’ve only ever blown into a tenor other than my Mark VI on two occasions, and to have that same incredible sensation of breadth and grain, it was with an old balance and the Supreme. You only have to blow into it to make the ideas come. I am absolutely seduced by this instrument."

    Guillaume Perret


    The Supreme corresponds completely to my idea of a tenor: an instrument that works perfectly and immediately. No need for fingering correction, its suppleness allows you to easily play on pitch. It’s a tenor that allows you to play more as a soloist.”

    Nahikari Oloriz Maya

    “The tenor Supreme is magnificent. Visually, already, it resonates! It gives me the possibility to explore hidden corners of the tenor saxophone that I didn’t know existed and inspires me to develop my playing."

    Stephane Guillaume

    “I’m absolutely happy to play with this new horn because I like the response that the instrument has in all the register from the bottom to the top. It’s easy to play and it’s always in pitch, the sound is powerful and the color of the timbre has nothing to envy to the masterpieces that Selmer made in the past."

    Max Ionata


    Discover the instrument LIVE with the #SupremeTenorTour! Events around the world with meetings, presentations and concerts by SELMER ambassadors.



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