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Tenor saxophone

Supreme tenor saxophone

After 100 years of innovation, design, and manufacturing of the saxophone, Henri SELMER Paris redefines the modern identity of the tenor saxophone with the Supreme.

The tenor Supreme achieves the feat of surpassing the flexibility and sensation of lightness found in historic models and combining those features with the precision and exactness of pitch found in modern ones.

It is both powerful and capable of infinite refinement. It allows for a an impressive power or a very expressive lyricism. Its dynamic possibilities go from a barely audible whisper to a wailing scream

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Supreme tenor saxophone

Pleasure and evidence of play

The creation of the Supreme embodies the culmination of an age-old savoir-faire combined with a perfect mastery of fabrication tools, all rising to meet the expectations of the Maison SELMER.

The tenor Supreme defies the natural inertia inherent to the tenor, offering a real sensation of lightness from the moment it enters the musicians’ hands, thanks a redistribution of its overall equilibrium and its compact ergonomics. This liberty manifests itself, above all, in the immense flexibility and suppleness of sound, previously unattainable in a tenor, which has been achieved with the new bore.

This new identity for the tenor Supreme is complemented by a creative, bold and innovative aesthetic that can be found in every detail of the instrument.

Nickel silver tightening ring

Nickel silver tightening ring

Nickel silver tightening ring on the neck receiver, bringing density to this delicate area. Since it is not connected to the neck receiver, its position is adjustable.
Direct adjustment arm

Direct adjustment arm

Direct adjustment arm between the right hand F# and F keys, allowing for finer, more reliable adjustment.
3-point concentric clamp

3-point concentric clamp

3-point concentric clamp on the neck receiver for a better junction between the neck and the body, ensuring a better hold over time and avoiding deformation of the neck and the tenon.
Octave key system

Octave key system

Octave key system with teflon supports to limit movement, noise and wear.
Left hand pinky finger keys

Left hand pinky finger keys

Hinged toggle on left hand pinky finger keys allows for greater ease of movement from one key to another.
Repositioned strap ring

Repositioned strap ring

Repositioned strap ring for better overall equilibrium.
Redesign of side key forms

Redesign of side key forms

Redesign of side key forms and placements, facilitating transition from one to the other.
What's behind


It has taken over 12 years to design the tenor Supreme, and to achieve the ambitious objective set from the beginning: to create the best tenor saxophone ever made by Henri SELMER Paris in terms of acoustics, mechanics, ergonomics and aesthetics.

Dozens of tenor players of all musical genres from around the world have participated in the various trials to define the many fundamental details which have given birth to the tenor Supreme: aninstrument with strong ties to its past, conceived for the music of today and tomorrow.

Technical characteristics
leather with rivetless metal resonators
Concept mouthpiece, ligature, cap, neck strap, 2 swabs, silk/microfibre cloth, cork grease, Supreme case
Low Bb / High F#.
Thumb support
lacquered, silver plated, black, brushed, solid silver, gold plated, antique lacquer
Supreme tenor


The tenor Supreme has those things that are important to me. It has a nice bark when you lay into it, it doesn't feel like it fizzles out. It's similar to my old Mark VI or to my Super Balanced Action. I love the color of it!
Chris Potter
I am surprised how in tune and how responsive the tenor Supreme is. The first thing that I love is the consistency of the sound and the intonation. It feels very easy to play. It just sounds like what I am hearing in my head. The sound is very nice.
Melissa Aldana
I started playing the tenor Supreme and immediately the sound of the horn was amazing. It can play any kind of music in any range. It reminds me of the old horns.
Branford Marsalis
I have been waiting for Selmer to make a new horn that rivals the old instruments. I believe the tenor supreme has that. It plays better than my super balanced action.
Ravi Coltrane
The Supreme tenor is so beautiful, so balanced. He has incredible projection. Thank you for making this beautiful saxophone!
Eli Degibri
I’ve only ever blown into a tenor other than my Mark VI on two occasions, and to have that same incredible sensation of breadth and grain, it was with an old balance and the Supreme. You only have to blow into it to make the ideas come. I am absolutely seduced by this instrument.
Guillaume Perret
The Supreme corresponds completely to my idea of a tenor: an instrument that works perfectly and immediately. No need for fingering correction, its suppleness allows you to easily play on pitch. It’s a tenor that allows you to play more as a soloist.
Nahikari Oloriz
The tenor Supreme is magnificent. Visually, already, it resonates! It gives me the possibility to explore hidden corners of the tenor saxophone that I didn’t know existed and inspires me to develop my playing.
Stéphane Guillaume
I played a Selmer Mark VI for 23 years and recently switched to the new Selmer Supreme. When I tried the Selmer Supreme, it blew me away because it sounded like a modern version of the Mark VI but better, with more consistency throughout the instrument (tuning, mechanics and sound quality) and a much more powerful sound.
Camille Thurman
I'm very happy to play this new saxophone, I love the response of the instrument in all registers, from low to high. It's easy to play and always in tune, the sound is powerful, and the timbre colour has nothing to envy to the masterpieces SELMER has made in the past. I'm sure that many saxophonists will soon want to play the Supreme tenor saxophone.
Max Ionata
I chose the Supreme tenor because SELMER has, after many years of development, made the most consistent and accurate tenor saxophone that has ever existed.
Franck Wolf