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Tenor saxophone


Réf. 2314022776

The tenor Signature embodies the evolution of the Series III model, improving its acoustic and ergonomic qualities while drawing inspiration from the latest innovations applied to the Supreme model.

A saxophone that is at once traditional and a beacon of modernity, the tenor Signature is embellished with original engraving in the Art Deco style, paying homage to the age-old techniques handed down through generations of artisans at the SELMER factory in Mantes-la-Ville since 1919.

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" A_new_bounce "
Sylvain Rifflet et Camilla George
Signature tenor saxophone

The renewal of tradition

In pursuit of continual development in its catalogue of instruments, Henri SELMER Paris presents its new range of saxophones: Signature.

The tenor Signature is a reinvention of the Series III model, which has been a favorite of numerous saxophonists for its acoustic qualities and its ergonomic comfort since its launch in 1995.

Its ergonomics benefits from the latest innovations, updated for the Supreme: a new 3-point neck receiver system for better sound homogeneity, a nickel-silver tightening ring for greater density in this sensitive zone, an octave key with Teflon supports for more mechanical fluidity…

Tightening ring

Tightening ring

The tightening ring on the receiver is in nickel-silver, which offers density in this sensitive zone. It is separate from the receiver, allowing its position to be adjusted.
Neck Receiver

Neck Receiver

Neck receiver with 3-point concentric tightening for a better junction between the neck and body.
Octave key system

Octave key system

Octave key system with Teflon supports, allowing for lighter action and limiting wear-and-tear and unwanted noise.
Natural mother-of-pearl

Natural mother-of-pearl

Keys traditionally inlaid in natural mother-of-pearl.
Leather pads

Leather pads

with metal resonators equipped with rivets.
Thumb rests

Thumb rests

Left and right hand fine gold gilt metal thumb supports.
What's behind


The Signature name highlights Henri SELMER Paris’s identity as an instrument inventor and manufacturer, established over the course of the company’s history.

The acoustic qualities of the tenor Signature are characterized by great flexibility of play. It allows for easy passage from a subtone to a timbred sound, regardless of the register.

The increased diameter of its neck receiver offers impressive power and projection.

Strongly inspired by the Series III, its ergonomics is suitable for all musicians, regardless of their ability level and musical genre.

Discover the instrument with « A new bounce », composed by Sylvain Rifflet, performed by Camilla George (alto) and Sylvain Rifflet (tenor), recorded by Julien Reyboz at Midilive Studio. Video directed by Antonin Bonnet assisted by Marco Mariani, produced by Happyfactory Paris.

Technical characteristics
Leather pads with metal resonators equipped with rivets
Concept mouthpiece, ligature, cap, neck strap, 2 swabs, silk/microfibre cloth, cork grease, case
Low Bb / High F#
Thumb support
Left and right hand thumb rests in fine gold gilded metal
lacquered, silver plated, black, brushed, solid silver, gold plated, antique lacquer
Signature tenor


The Signature blends Selmer’s contemporary design with their dedication to tradition and the result is a beautifully crafted, world-class saxophone capable of a dark and lush tone.
Jay Metcalf (bettersax)
The homogeneity of tone on the new Signature tenor is simply outstanding and is very similar to the Supreme in this respect. The actual tonal colour is very warm, full bodied and has that mystical Selmer sound that is often hard to put into words! It is also very fluid in its response to the breath which makes the whole playing experience a joy.
Jim Cheek (