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Guillaume Perret

Guillaume Perret

Always on the move on the European scene, Guillaume Perret takes part in numerous musical projects as a saxophonist, leader, co-leader or sideman, composer, arranger...

Since 2001, he has performed on stage more than a hundred times a year and is regularly invited as a guest for studio sessions. These musical experiences have led him to perform at numerous international festivals in Thailand, Vietnam, the United States, Canada, Quebec, Poland, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Senegal, the Netherlands, England, Bosnia-Herzegovina, France, Argentina, Chile, Uruguay, Côte d'Ivoire and India.

He has worked with Sangoma Everett, Claude Tchamitchan, Loïc Pontieux, Minino Garay, Yaya Ouattara, Ira Coleman, Hadrien Feraud, Mokthar Samba, Laurent Vernerey, Linley Marthe, Benjamin Henocq, Santi Di Briano, Brian Jackson, Moncef Genoud, Nguyên Lê, Jérôme Regard, Francis Coletta, Abdel Aziz El Achaab, Marc Erbetta, Flavio Boltro, Marcello Julliani, Malcolm Braff, François Lindemann, Kalifa Diarra Coulibaly, Rémi Vignolo, Miles Okasaki, Damion Reid, Debie Prashadgosh...

He also composes for a number of collectives and is frequently commissioned as a composer for the theatre. In 2009 he was awarded a grant from the Chamber Music of America to compose and form a trio in New York, as well as a grant from the French Ministry of Culture for a composition "Commande de l'Etat" for wind band and big band.

Guillaume graduated from the Annecy and Chambéry conservatoires with honours in both classical and jazz, and also holds a state diploma in jazz and contemporary music. He taught from 1999 to 2003, and now devotes his time exclusively to live performance, studio sessions and managing his own projects. Despite his brilliant results at the Annecy and Chambéry conservatoires, Guillaume is first and foremost a self-taught musician. That's where his strength lies: in his ability to dig his own furrows, his curiosity, his own way of looking at things, in his own universe.

As a composer or guest soloist, he enjoys developing his own unique language through multi-faceted experimentation. He recently brought together some excellent musicians to work on his personal project: ELECTRIC EPIC with Philipe Bussonnet, Jim Grandcamp and Yoann Serra.

Crédit photo : Loïc Guilpain / Henri SELMER Paris


Jazz has many colours, and cannot be limited to one particular style. It's a big sandbox where anything is possible.