Mamie Jotax

Mamie Jotax

Gourmet of bigoted influences and mixing registers, Carmen and Camille sail among contemplative experimental music and juggle with traditional songs of the world.

And who is Mamie Jotax?
First of all, she is a joyful syllabic chimera, born from a sneeze of chance and a pinch of onomatopoeia. A sesame that shakes up the imagination and breathes in bewitching and unusual worlds.

And then, Mamie Jotax very quickly became a spirit. A bubble filled with ideals, curiosity and madness that watches over the two musicians. A sort of manifesto in the shape of an old suitcase, where the two explorers collect everything on their way that is worth keeping, and everything that does not yet exist. Mamie Jotax is also a fraternal, maternal muse, as rough and wrinkled as a thousand-year-old tree, a precious advisor who brings her philosophy and her touch of madness. Or the eternal child whose malice and enthusiasm illuminate the sometimes nebulous labyrinths of creation.

Mamie Jotax also knows how to dress up in the clothes of characters who have marked our lives by their wisdom, their audacity, their fantasy or their genius. It is the procession of our masters, our devils and our loves.

Camille Maussion: soprano and tenor saxophones - vocals - compositions, arrangements.
Carmen Lefrançois: alto, soprano and baritone saxophones - flute, vocals - compositions, arrangements.


Audio excerpts from their first album Mamie Jotax: 1. Laïo Dii - 2. Brise brisée - 3. Mamilia.

Photo credit: Christophe Girard