Ensemble Exigentia

Ensemble Exigentia
The Exigentia Ensemble was founded in 2017, the group consists of 9 Italian saxophonists, united by different feelings and experiences that performing concerts and teaching activities throughout Italy.

Research, the experimentation of language, discover and rediscover new forms and ways of expressing oneself are at the basis of the communication and of interpreting in a world in rapid transformation. It is from the model of the Chamber Orchestra that develops the ensemble of saxophone, group with enormous stylistic and expressive potential and in whose tradition is inserted the Exigentia Ensemble. An original production, an artistic collaboration between saxophonists made of music and virtuosic interweaving. A varius repertoire, able to propose and make appreciate those sounds that the evening of 8 February 1844, debut of saxophone, provoked a real extraordinary revelation.

The Ensemble offers a versatile repertoire: Baroque transcriptions, original 19th and 20th century pieces, ethnic and jazz music, transcriptions from symphonic pieces, soundtracks.

Exigentia Ensemble offers a show entirely original and varied, a concert-event to rediscover ancient and modern sounds through the sound of sax… a journey that, with all its potential in ensemble music, becomes creative impulse assuming the virtuality of a real orchestra.

A modern and ductile formation as the saxophone ensemble manages to draw, emphasizing their own means, to different repertoire, outlining a stronger and more original identity. Using the whole saxophone family, musicians have the ability to keep their audience alive and attentive, proposing a diversified repertoire whose melodies are pleasing to everyone.

Giuseppe Laterza (soprano, Series III) ; Vittorio Quinquennale (soprano, Series III) ; Angelo Turchi (alto, Series III); Francesco Dimotta (alto, Super Action 80 Series II); Stefano Nanni (tenor, Series III); Marcos Palombo (tenor, Series III); Giuseppe Moscato (baritone, Super Action 80 Series II); Valentino Catallo (baritone, Super Action 80 Series II); Davide Lucente (bass, Super Action 80 Series II).