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Giuseppe Laterza

Giuseppe Laterza is a saxophonist, graduated at the “E.R. Duni” Conservatory in Matera under Professor Vito Soranno. Following his passion for music and saxophone Giuseppe immediately developed his talent, which kept growing over the years through his different experiences. 

Shortly after his graduation, as a young musician he moved to France to study with two renown saxophonist, Professor J.Y. Fourmeau at the conservatory in Cergy Pontoise and saxophonist Professor Vincent David at the Versailles conservatory where he won the Prix de Saxophone à l'Unanimité and obtained his Postgraduate Saxophone Diploma.

At the same time he has attended numerous masterclasses with renown saxophonists such as Claude Delangle, J.Y.Fourmeau, Vincent David, Arno Bornkamp, Christian Wirth and Jean Denis Michat. Also interested in jazz music he has attended workshops with Steve Grossman, Randy Brecker, Gabriele Mirabassi, Hugo Aisemberg and Marco Tamburini.

Right at the beginning of his career Giuseppe successfully won 12 international and national first prizes playing both as soloist and in chamber music groups. He received prestigious awards and he has been a finalist in numerous competitions like the Tim Trophy, the National Prize of Arts, the International saxophone competition in Nova Gorica and the Musique du dernier siècle competition in Paris.

A well-rounded artist, he has collaborated with numerous composers such as: Mauro Lanza, Luca Francesconi, Vittorio Pasquale, Alfredo Cornacchia, Sophie Lacaze and Zeno Baldi.

He performs regularly throughout Italy and Europe as a soloist, with chamber ensembles and in orchestras. He is a founding member of the Jeune Saxophone Quartet and the Ensemble Exigentia.

Giuseppe Laterza is part of a generation of saxophonists driven by curiosity and desire to develop new musical techniques and maximize the potential of his instrument. He recorded a CD, Autos, with Soranno's Dream Band. In 2018 he published Technique and sound of the Saxophone focusing on the everyday workout on the instrument and he’s planning to release a new saxophone-piano duo album in 2020.

Quality certifier for the Henri Selmer Paris factory until 2016, today he plays the role of Alto Saxophone in the Italian Air Force Band.

" I was inspired by a generation of musicians who endlessly try to maximize the potential of the saxophone. My sound and the way I play are therefore strongly linked to my desire to explore different musical possibilities."

Soprano Saxophone
Series III soprano

The Series III Soprano ensures greater playability, particularly as regards pitch and blowing.

The blowing emission of its high register extended to high G has been largely facilitated. Selecting a straight or curved neck allows to get well acquainted with it.

Alto Saxophone
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Tenor Saxophone
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Baritone Saxophone
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It develops a particularly warm and mellow tone, thus sublimating the features characteristic to this instrument.

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