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Supreme alto
Alto Saxophone
Supreme alto

After 100 years of innovation, design, and manufacturing of the saxophone, Henri SELMER Paris redefines the modern identity of the alto saxophone with the Supreme.

The creation of the Supreme embodies the culmination of one century of expertise, combined... + Read more

Variant Price
Dark Gold (DGG)
€7,150.00 Available
Silver plated (AG)
Silver plated
€7,990.00 Available
Gold plated (AUG)
Gold plated
€20,500.00 Available
Black lacquer with gold lacquered keys (NGGO)
€7,890.00 Available
Sterling silver with gold lacquered keys (AMG GO)
Solid silver
€18,500.00 Available
€7,790.00 Available
Antiqued lacquer
Antiqued lacquer
€7,890.00 Available
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What's behind

Eight years ago, we set ourselves a challenge: to design the best saxophone ever made. A saxophone that would rise above musical genres. A saxophone adapted to all kinds of music, playing styles and sound types. A saxophone whose ease and evidence of playing would induce a direct and immediate relationship to sound.

To better free themselves from musical genres and imagine the universal instrument, a team of saxophone testers of various genres was formed. No acoustic, mechanical, ergonomic, nor aesthetic detail was neglected.

Today, we are very proud to present the result of our research, the culmination of a hundred years of expertise, an instrument unanimously acclaimed by a very diverse team: the Supreme alto saxophone.

Technical caracteristics
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Low Bb to high F#
Leather with rivetless metal resonators
Thumb rests
Lacquered, Gold plated, Silver plated, Black, Solid silver, Brushed, Antiqued lacquer
Concept alto mouthpiece (with ligature and cap), Supreme case, exclusive Supreme neck strap, Silk/microfibe cloth, body swab, neck swab, cork grease
Serial number
Year of manufacture
Sold with
" Improvisation "
Vincent David et Baptiste Herbin
they play
this instrument
"Like the Mark VI, The Supreme responds to extremely diverse instrumental approaches. Even better, it reveals the authentic acoustics of the saxophone, finally transparent to the multiple musical genres that call for it."
Claude Delangle
"The new SELMER Supreme saxophone combines the sound of its legendary models with the technical and innovative modernity that makes it a great instrument with an incomparable and irreproachable quality."
Baptiste Herbin
"2 words:  Sublime and luminous. Sublime because it is the perfect balance of an incredible sound with a modern and efficient mechanism. Luminous because its flexibility allows for all colors and playing styles."
Vincent David
"It is a pleasure to enjoy the most advanced and universal saxophone, which bears the signature of a new Supreme era."
Antonio Felipe Belijar
"Truly excited about the Supreme Alto from Selmer. Beautiful sounding horn, easy to play and really balanced from top to bottom. Looking forward to playing it more."
Miguel Zenón
"It is a pure delight to rediscover every day the qualities of this new instrument, the warmth and richness of its sound, its remarkable accuracy, the refinement of its subtly balanced timbres and its beautiful versatility."
Philippe Geiss
"The "Supreme" is the new generation of saxophone for the 21st century musician made by the legendary SELMER Paris family. This instrument is simply a dream.  "
Timothy McAllister
"The SUPREME is a very pleasant saxophone to play with a balanced and very responsive mechanism. I also appreciate its clear, powerful, and very atypical sound that is not limited to a precise aesthetic style."
Denis Guivarc'h
"The Selmer Supreme is an exceptional saxophone with a balanced, warm tone that gives me the freedom to continue to create and explore my sound."
Jaleel Shaw
"The Reference at SELMER is now called the “SUPREME". Perfection!"
Pierrick Pédron
"The intonation, the sound, the ergonomics, the flexibility of play: the Supreme is just an evidence!"
Christian Wirth
"Compact and high quality of sound, richness in harmonic, and intonation. It’s also incredibly homogeneous from the bottom to the high register. It’s truly an amazing horn !"
Rosario Giuliani
"SELMER: Sublime. Supreme."
Patrick Bourgoin
"Supreme is my choice!"
Nikita Zimin
"The Supreme atlo is the most accomplished instrument I have ever played. With an unequalled ease of blowing, the Supreme alto is for me the best balance between tradition and modernity."
Davy Basquin