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Super Action 80 Serie II alto
Alto Saxophone
Super Action 80 Serie II alto

The “Super Action 80 Series II” alto is without doubt the world’s most popular professional alto saxophone.

Its very open, harmonically rich sound and excellent projective power make it a particularly versatile instrument.

In classic and jazz, its sound power... + Read more

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Technical caracteristics
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high F sharp
Blue steel needle spring - Leather pads, metal booster.
Thumb rest (adjustable), in plastic.
Gold, Silver Plated, Black, Brushed, Gold Plated
S80 C* E-flat Alto Saxophone Mouthpiece Clear Lacquer - E-flat Alto Saxophone Light Case.
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this instrument
"I immediately fell in love with this saxophone. The sound quality is really amazing, it’s what I’m looking for. He has a really nice homogenous sound, and the control that I’m looking for."
Lars Mlekusch
"It gives me the possibility to have a warmer, more accurate sound, and allows me not to think too much about how to play but just to enjoy playing. It has all the sensations of a vintage saxophone but it has an even warmer sound. It's the instrument of my dreams."
Craig Bailey
"Warm and projecting sound. I feel like I can play anything on it!"
Pedro Bittencourt
"The Series II alto delivers a powerful and very versatile sound. It allows the player to whisper or to shout, and to blend with any instrument."
Jonathan Helton
"I am looking for saxophone that can produce various colours of sound since every music have their own characteristics (classical music, contemporary music...). Therefore, Selmer paris saxophone is the answer for what I was looking for."
Pisol Manatchinapisit
"The timbre and the resonate are superb, and the operability is outstanding."
Keji Munesada
"Love the rich character and sound emission on the instrument. Again very flexible and full of atitude. Very versatile instrument."
Ramos Fernando
"The Selmer Serie II lets the saxophone sing with the sound it was originally intended to do. It's dark and resonant, and it gives the performer the ability to project sound equally in the smallest chamber setting or the largest concert hall"
Timothy Roberts
"I am very fortunate to own four Selmer saxophones, a sopranino, soprano, alto and tenor. They are my most prized possessions. They are a work of art and easy to play."
Moreira Chonguiça
"The sound characteristics of the saxophone, so close to the human voice, are very special to me and help me in my artistic expression to communicate a feeling and a way of communicating, I think the saxophone reflects very well my way of understanding sound, phrasing and lyricism in addition to many..."
Antonio Cánovas Moreno
"The Alto Super Action 80 Series II is rich in harmonics and has a malleable tone."
Vicente Contador
"Beautifully flexible instruments that blend into a sound family determining for Kebyart's sonority."
Kebyart Ensemble