[VIDEOS] Testimonials from artists who play the Supreme

[VIDEOS] Témoignages d'artistes qui jouent le Supreme
Released in February 2021, the Supreme is distinguished by its richness of tone, its ease of playing, but also its incomparable accuracy and great projection capacity. It pushes the boundaries of playing and rises above musical aesthetics. Saxophonists from a wide variety of backgrounds share their thoughts on this extraordinary instrument...

Claude Delangle

International soloist and professor of the saxophone class at the Paris Conservatory, Claude Delangle has also been a tester and acoustic consultant at Henri SELMER Paris for over 30 years. After having played a major role in the development of the Series III, he actively participated in the design of the Supreme alto saxophone. During the Andorra Sax Fest 2021, we have interviewed him about this amazing instrument...

"From a musical and expressive standpoint, I can reach levels of finesse, of musical perception, that I had never reached before."


Rosario Giuliani

Italian saxophonist of international renown, Rosario Giuliani was one of the first ambassadors of the Supreme alto saxophone. Totally seduced by the instrument, he presents here its qualities and the sensations it provides.

"The more I play it, the more I realize that this instrument is actualy limitless..."


Raquel Paños and Nahikari Oloriz

First Prize and the Jury Prize of the 91st edition of the Léopold Bellan International Competition, the Rayuela Ensemble brings together musicians from three different countries. Two saxophonists of the ensemble tried out the Supreme and played it in concert during the Andorra Sax Fest 2021. They share their first impressions with us.

"It truly felt great, it felt effortless, comfortable..."


Baptiste Herbin

Elected musician of the year by the Jazz Academy in 2019 (Django Reinhardt Prize), Baptiste Herbin participated in the development of the Supreme alto saxophone, released last February. He shares his thoughts on this experience...

"During the development process, we experienced superb surprises, and some nasty surprises. It's like a movie. We truly went through many happy and unhappy episodes to finally create the perfect instrument"


Sarah Roberts

Sarah Roberts is an assistant professor of saxophone and jazz studies at the University of Texas at Tyler. She has an extremely diverse background in classical, jazz and popular music.

"The Supreme has an ease of playability that is unlike any other horn that I tried, especially in the low register!"


Vincent David

Renowned composer, soloist and pedagogue, Vincent David participated in the development of the Supreme alto saxophone. Coming from the French saxophone tradition created by Marcel Mule, he quickly opened himself to improvisation and contemporary creation. Here are his feelings about the instrument...

"When I go back to the Supreme, every morning, I get this feeling of pleasure, close to friendship. It may be the first time where I can see myself growing old with the same instrument."


Pierrick Pédron

Considered as one of the best alto saxophonists in French jazz, Pierrick Pédron tell us about his passage from the Reference to the Supreme saxophone...

"What I really like about this saxophone is the ergonomics. It's something very well thought out. And I feel really very very comfortable. It's extremely easy in the low register and in the high register, don't mention it!"


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