Signature, our new range of saxophones

Signature, notre nouvelle gamme de saxophones

Continuing the renewal of its catalog of instruments, Henri SELMER Paris presents its new range of alto and tenor saxophones, the Signature models.

The renewal of tradition

Signature embodies the evolution of the Super Action 80 Series II (alto) and Series III (tenor) saxophones, improving their acoustic and ergonomic qualities while drawing inspiration from the latest innovations applied to the Supreme model.

Signature Saxophone

These saxophones offer great versatility of play, suitable for saxophonists of all levels, and constitute the natural link between the Axos family, the entry-level professional range, and the Supreme, the top of the range.

The Signature name highlights Henri SELMER Paris’s identity as an instrument inventor and manufacturer, established over the course of the company’s history.

Music : « A new bounce », composed by Sylvain Rifflet, performed by Camilla George (alto) and Sylvain Rifflet (tenor), recorded by Julien Reyboz at Midilive Studio.
Video directed by Antonin Bonnet assisted by Marco Mariani, produced by Happyfactory Paris.

Acoustic qualities

The Alto Signature offers a generous and round sound. These characteristics are appreciated by jazz saxophonists as well as by many classical musicians who identify with the French School.

Thanks to its new neck bore, the alto Signature presents a significant improvement in pitch accuracy by correcting the octave relationships in the left hand and the upper register. In addition,  the neck facilitates low note response, offering a sensation of exceptional comfort.

  Signature saxophones

The Signature tenor is characterized by great flexibility of play and breadth of sound. It allows for easy passage from a subtone to a timbred sound, regardless of the register. The increased diameter of its neck receiver offers impressive power and projection


Mechanical improvements

The ergonomics of Signature saxophones benefit from the latest innovations, updated for the Supreme: a new 3-point neck receiver system for better sound homogeneity, a nickel-silver tightening ring for greater density in this sensitive zone, an octave key with Teflon supports for more mechanical fluidity…

Signature Saxophone

Art Deco aesthetic

The range of Signature saxophones is distinguished by their specific varnish color and their engraving, inspired by the art of instrument making practiced by Henri SELMER Paris since 1885. 

Signature saxophone engraving

The engraving represents the essential components of the saxophone’s manufacture: the tools, the flames from the smith’s workshop, the technical plans and templates… All are perfectly harmonized in the Art Deco style, which defined the era in which the first SELMER saxophone was born in 1922. 

This unique aesthetic pays homage to the artisans whose hands give life to these marvellous instruments.


Accessories included

Signature Accessories
  • Signature case: An exclusive case made by our partner BAM. Inside the black ABS shell, it features a large storage space and two detachable interior pockets. The straps offer exceptional comfort when the case is carried on the back.
  • Concept mouthpiece: With its innovative and refined design, the Concept mouthpiece benefits from the latest in fabrication technology. Combining facility, richness of sound and great homogeneity in all registers, the Concept offers high precision acoustics. Includes ligature and cover.
  • Strap: Neck strap with metal medallion.
  • Silk/microfiber textile: Dual-material cloth in the shape of the case : the front side in microfiber bears the Signature engraving motif and the reverse side is in silk.
  • Body and neck swabs : Round in shape, marked with the engraving pattern, the microfiber body swab has a thick absorbent foam in the center for more effective cleaning.
  • Cork grease stick marked with the pattern of the Signature's engraving.
  • Metal stopper.




Camilla Georges “I adore playing the new Signature Selmer saxophone because it has all the elements of  my vintage Mark VI with the added precision of a new horn. It’s an absolute joy to play !”

Camilla Georges


Jay Metcalf (bettersax)

“The Signature blends Selmer’s contemporary design with their dedication to tradition and the result is a beautifully crafted, world-class saxophone capable of a dark and lush tone.”

Jay Metcalf (bettersax)



Jerome Laran

"Henri SELMER Paris’s new Signature alto saxophone, a worthy successor in the grand  tradition of the “French” sound, is a revelation! It offers a multitude of new sensations in terms of playing comfort, especially in its intonation and projection, and allows me free rein to be creative."

Jerome Laran



Lea Ciechelski

“A versatile saxophone that you adapt to easily. The Signature is flexible and elegant. Clear highs, warm and powerful lows, and homogeneous sound emission throughout the whole range, combined with fluid keywork."

Lea Ciechelski



Jim Cheek

“The homogeneity of tone on the new Signature tenor is simply outstanding and is very similar to the Supreme in this respect. The actual tonal colour is very warm, full bodied and has that mystical Selmer sound that is often hard to put into words! It is also very fluid in its response to the breath which makes the whole playing experience a joy.”

Jim Cheek (



Gael Horellou

I loved the Signature alto saxophone right away. Easy to grip, homogenous throughout the whole range, it’s an inspiring instrument offering great freedom of play."

Gael Horellou



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