For more than 24 years, Sonsax has been exploring the qualities and possibilities of the saxophone and percussion, instruments that, thanks to their versatility, allow to play all the styles and rhythms that exist in the different musical languages of the world. The Montreal International Jazz Festival describes: "The Costa Rican group Sonsax is a 'world saxophone quartet' in every sense of the word. The saxophone part is made up of the four main members of the family (baritone, tenor, alto, soprano - plus percussion), and the sound can be from anywhere: sometimes cool, sometimes frenetic, sometimes casual, sometimes purely funk - and always with enough Latin flavour to make you dance or dream."

Sonsax has become one of the most influential saxophone ensembles in Latin America, giving hundreds of concerts in countries such as Russia, Croatia, Japan, Hong Kong, Canada, the United States, Mexico, Argentina, Uruguay, Chile, Brazil, Peru, Colombia, France, Germany, Belgium, the United Kingdom and Central America, among others.

Sonsax has released 4 recordings and one DVD of exceptional breadth and creativity, making numerous appearances in various radio and television programs in Latin America, and has presented internships and master classes in many universities around the world.

- Dr. Javier Valerio, soprano and alto saxophones, director
- Harold Guillén, alto saxophone
- Pablo Sandí, baritone saxophone
- Arturo Castro, tenor saxophone
- Manrique Méndez, percussionist

Over the years, Henri SELMER Paris saxophones have given Sonsax the confidence to explore their versatility in different styles of music, from classical to Latin, from funk to contemporary, with great consistency in sound and projection.

Sonsax members play the Supreme alto saxophone, latest release in the Henri SELMER Paris range.


Audio : Merengue Rondo by Norman Calderon - Sonsax for Orchestra