Kristin Uglar

Kristin Uglar

Kristin Uglar is from Oslo, Norway where she grew up playing in various wind- and big bands. Kristin's saxophone education comes from international masterclasses with Daniel Deffayet and Leo van Oostroem and she has a Masters of Fine Arts in Education from the Royal Academy of Music in Stockholm, where she studied classical saxophone for Prof. Christer Johnsson.

Kristin lives in Stockholm and is one of Swedens leading saxophonists and freelances in both Norway and Sweden with a wide repertoire, both as a chamber musician and an orchestra musician. She has premiered many contemporary pieces from composers both in Sweden and abroad. From 1991 to 2021 Kristin played the alto saxophone in internationally famous Swedish Saxophone Quartet Rollin' Phones. Together with the quartet Kristin has made numerous live TV and radio performances, multiple studio albums as well as toured the world. Kristin has played with most of the wind- and symphony orchestras in Sweden, both as a soloist and in the orchestra, and has played with conductors such as Daniel Harding, Alondra de la Parra, Cathrine Winnes, Christian Lindberg, Martin Yates and Jamie Martin, among others.

Kristin of course plays all the saxophones, including sopranino and C-melody tenor.

Kristin is also one of Swedens most appreciated saxophone teachers, with many students winning prices in Swedish and international competitions. Many of her earlier students are now leading saxophonists in the Swedish music world. Kristin teaches all ages and all levels of saxophonists at the music school Lilla Akademien and methodology at the Royal Academy of Music in Stockholm.


Photo credit: Pelle Piano