Eric Fischer

Eric Fischer

Eric Fischer has composed close to 300 opuses, from solo to symphonic-form pieces, to various types of nomenclature and musical exploration : chamber music, electronic devices, vocal pieces, stage and choreographic music, free improvisation and early instruments.

Cofounder of the Collectif de la dernière tangente with the Swiss plastician Bernard Garo & the actor François Chattot, presenting surprising and multidisciplinary experiences.

Fischer regularly works in collaboration with poets such as Dominique Brand, Emmanuel Damon or Jean-Pierre Siméon.

In addition to the composition of sounds, he always explored the composition of words – expressing with one what the other could not articulate :
- Un ru d’outre-matin (poems) L’Harmattan 2011
- Nous marcherons pieds nus sur la lune (short story) Istesso Tempo 2011
- Canopée de cailloux, ma prairie (poems) L’Harmattan 2014

Also an instrumentalist (saxophone and bass clarinet) he is at ease with both the written repertoire and various areas of improvisation ,and orally transmitted forms of music, thus leading to experimentation with a wide range of materials:
- Fischer/Wilhelm duet with Bruno Wilhelm (saxophone)
- KFB trio with Sylvain Kassap and Jean-Pierre Baraglioli, from which is he the cofounder (he also plays keyboards, percussions & electronics)

He has played and/or recorded with Steve Lacy, David Liebman, Andy Emler, Marc Ducret, Archie Shepp, Ravy Magnifique, Chico Freeman, Sylvain Kassap, Dominique Piffarelly, François Rossé

He is very committed to teaching the saxophone, musical improvisation, as well as composition in various music schools.

Silence is a note like any other.