Ensemble Eiradís

Ensemble Eiradís

The Eiradís Ensemble is an enthusiastic, innovative and exploratory saxophone quartet based in the Nordic region, with members from the Faroe Islands and Sweden. The members - Lisa Nyberg, Kristina Thede Johansen, Vera Georgieva and Anna Magnusson - are creative and innovative women who share a passion for culture, music and heritage. By inviting participants from outside the classical music scene to participate in collaborations, Eiradís stimulates conversation within the cultural community, bringing visibility and cultural understanding to artists and audiences alike, embodying social diversity and identity.

The core values of Eiradís aim at leaving a notable and positive impression on the public and believing in the importance of performing in a differentiated, sustainable and rewarding way in the various cultural scenes encountered. The quartet pushes the boundaries by engaging and involving its participants, collaborative partners and audience. By producing relevant and identifiable content, while taking into consideration the values of the audience, the quartet influences the music scenes of the associated communities.

By providing educational and relevant workshops and concerts in schools, institutions and festivals, the quartet encourages and engages local youth in music. Because of its passion for the public and its cultural approach, the Eiradís Ensemble has close relationships with art foundations, art organizations and schools such as Listaleypurin (FO), Levende Musik i Skolen (DK), Genklange (DK), Skapande Skola (SE), Konserttikeskus (FI), List Fyrir Alla (IS) et Den Kulturelle Skolesekken (NO). In addition, the quartet has collaborated with composers from several Nordic countries, receiving numerous pieces - and more than 50 from Eiradís' original children's composition workshop.

The Eiradís Ensemble shines in a wide variety of genres, often performing and collaborating in contemporary, classical, folk, rhythmic and cross-cultural contexts and projects. The quartet is currently one of the main partners of the innovative Nordic Notes project, a project that portrays the Nordic region across national borders and musical genres, in collaboration with young progressive artists, embodying a culture in constant transformation.

The Eiradís Ensemble strives to break down barriers and eliminate limitations in order to make music and culture accessible to all.


Photo credit: Veronica Isabelle