Daniel Kientzy

Daniel Kientzy

Daniel Kientzy est un artiste dédié à la création musicale contemporaine. Il joue la famille complète des 7 saxophones, du sopranino au véritable saxophone contre basse. À cette riche panoplie, il ajoute le potentiel de l'électroacoustique ainsi que le studio-d'enregistrement considéré comme un instrument musical à part entière.

Kientzy is an artist dedicated to contemporary music creation. His instruments are the complete family of 7 saxophones, from sopranino to the real contrabass saxophone. To this already rich panoply he adds: the potential of electroacoustics as well as the studio-recording considered as a musical instrument in its own right.

More than 700 works have been written for Kientzy. This singular repertoire, for all 7 saxophones, includes concertos with large orchestra, concertinos with ensembles of unusual instrumental diversity often unique, solo pieces, chamber music in instrumental combinations as varied as unexpected (of which only 2 pieces are for saxophone and piano), electroacoustic works

To this repertoire of more than 700 compositions, are added, in recordings, dozens of works of absolute improvisation, always in a classical-contemporary language. Many of these works have already been published in world premiere recordings on more than 100 CDs, cassettes and LPs in various countries of Europe, America and Asia. All these published recordings and many more unpublished ones are broadcast randomly and 24 hours a day on

For lack of interest and even more for lack of time, Kientzy, so to speak, has never taught. However, his contribution to the pedagogy of music and saxophone is far from negligible. Among other publications, two of his major publications are Les Sons Multiples aux Saxophones and Saxologie. These two books discuss and disclose the foundations of the contemporary saxophone. For a long time, these works have been consulted by composers all over the world and have influenced their compositions for saxophone (s).

His perpetual research for a permanent expansion of musical expression led him to invent and name dozens of new playing techniques and audio or formal concepts (Saxalpin, Libranche, Saxnay, Organo-acousmatie, Méta-camméralité, Enneaphonie, etc. ...). Among the most recent, we can mention those of Saxophone-total, Archi-sax, Phonostück...

In recent years, Kientzy has devoted himself almost exclusively to his studio musical productions, essentially in his own studio. Currently, this completely equipped professional studio is installed at the MaMMuCK, ie the Maison Musée du Musicien Contemporain Kientzy.

Photo credits: H. Nitu - P. Deby