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Super Action 80 Series II Tenor
Tenor Saxophone
Super Action 80 Series II Tenor

Thanks to its musical attributes, the tenor “Super Action 80 Series II” has forged itself a solid reputation in the world of the tenor saxophone. It boasts unmatchable tuning over the whole range, an open sound very rich in harmonics and excellent projection power.

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Super Action 80 Series II Tenor
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What's behind

Made up of more than 600 parts, the saxophone is a particularly complex instrument. At Henri SELMER Paris, the production line is completely integrated enabling both better control of the quality and of the supply process.

In our workshops located in Mantes-la-Ville since 1919, nearly 500 craftspeople mobilize a traditional, unique and authentic know-how, combining high technology with the respect of the artisanal instrument manufacturing. Discover the main stages of production.


Tenor saxophones range

Technical caracteristics
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from low Bb to high F#
Thumb rests
left hand and right hand (adjustable) in synthetic material
leather with metal resonator with rivet
lacquered, silver plated, black, brushed, gold plated
S80 C* Tenor mouthpiece with ligature and cap, neck strap, swab, cork grease, Tenor Light case.
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they play
this instrument
"Great sonority in all nuances and registers, warm sound."
Pedro Bittencourt
"It is a very personal saxophone because you have to truly study its mechanisms and charm to exploit all of the favors of it. I recommend it because of the guarantee of colorful sound meeting wonderful secure technique."
Aina Helgeland Davidsen
"Perfect balanced between warm sound and beautifully handmade"
Timothy Hayward
"My Selmer tenor has a warm, generous tone that is consistent through all registers – a lovely instrument to play."
Kyle Horch
"I consider my sax as my voice, transmission of my feelings. I have always had respect for it and it has never betrayed me. I advise everyone to find a tool like mine to interpret themselves."
Mario Marzi
"The Selmer Serie II lets the saxophone sing with the sound it was originally intended to do. It's dark and resonant, and it gives the performer the ability to project sound equally in the smallest chamber setting or the largest concert hall."
Timothy Roberts
"Selmer saxophones allow me to change style easily. Whether it's classical or jazz, I always keep an unbeatable sound quality."
Ros Pepito
"I am very fortunate to own four Selmer saxophones, a sopranino, soprano, alto and tenor. They are my most prized possessions. They are a work of art and easy to play."
Moreira Chonguiça
"Beautifully flexible instruments that blend into a sound family determining for Kebyart's sonority."
Kebyart Ensemble