Soprano Saxophone Series III soprano

With the introduction of the “Series III” Soprano, the world of the Soprano opens up to the musician.

Summit of the Henri SELMER Paris range, the "SERIES III" soprano's effortless ergonomics are particularly attractive for the non-specialist, featuring a playing... + Read more

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Series III soprano
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Technical caracteristics

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high G
Leather, with metal booster.
Thumb rest
Multidirectional, in metal
2 removable necks (1 straight, 1 curved), S80 C* B-flat Soprano Saxophone Mouthpiece Clear Lacquer, B-flat Soprano Saxophone Light Case.
Gold Lacquer Engraved (GG), Silver Plated Engraved (AG), Black Lacquer Engraved with Gold Lacquered Keys (NG GO), Brushed Gold Lacquer engraved with Gold Lacquered Keys (BGG GO), Sterling Silver Engraved with Lacquered keys (AMG GO), Gold Plated Engraved (AUG).

they play this instrument

"This saxophone has many qualities, and it is up to the musician to find them, to determine how far he wants to go in the sound, in the music. It allows you to explore a lot of different sounds and textures. "
Wayne Shorter
"Great projection, fast emission, rounded sound. I love it!"
Antonio Felipe Belijar
"Great tuning and amazing projection."
Pedro Bittencourt
"I've always liked the Selmer sound. It is this unique sound, of great flexibility, which allows a vital artistic freedom to express and share the magic of the moment."
Vincent David
"Beautiful sound and projection as well as flexibility"
Mariano Garcia
"This instrument let the musician find their own palette of sounds, invent new ones and more. It is rich, versatile, and full inspiring to play."
Joshua Hyde
"Selmer saxophones offer unparalleled tone quality that enables me tap into a wide range of nuance and control in every phrase."
Paula Van Goes
"My soprano saxophone is the finest instrument I've ever played. The evenness of response and accuracy of intonation surpasses any soprano I know of. Moreover, the sound produced by my instrument matches no other. I could not recommend this instrument enough."
Matthew Lombard
"What I love the most about Selmer saxophones is the flexibility of sound. I love to search different colours and nuances in a various programme that I usually perform. My instrument gives me confidence, so I can be relaxed and focused on music when I play."
Jan Gricar
"Finding a soprano sound that has the searching quality that I look for along with a rounded warmth was only realized when I started to play the Series III. I love how in tune it is, and like the reference 54, It has a beautifully consistent tone and great ergonomic design."
Rus Nerwich
"Series III has a very projective, clear, well resonated sound and together with gold plated neck I can create the sound that I searched for."
Oskar Petrauskis
"This saxophone allows me to express myself freely. I recommend it, it's solidly built."
Harold Guillén Monge
"I love Henri SELMER Paris saxophones for their richness of tone and sound. They have very good ergonomics. They are versatile instruments with a very good balance of registers and tuning, and very good mechanics. They are sober and "classy" instruments."
Éric Caudron
"I’ve always played only Selmer saxophones: in my opinion, Selmer is to saxophone what Mercedes is to cars, Rolex to watches, Parmigiano to Italian cuisine… simply the best."
Fabrizio Paoletti
"Les caractéristiques sonores du saxophone, si proches de la voix humaine, sont très spéciales pour moi et m'aident dans mon expression artistique à communiquer un sentiment et un mode de communication. Je pense que le saxophone reflète très bien ma façon..."
Antonio Cánovas Moreno
"The Soprano saxophone Series III is such a flexible instrument, you can easily switch from classical to jazz music."
Pepito Ros
"My solid silver Soprano Series III is maybe the most interesting mix of elegance, projection and brilliance I ever could have imagined. I love its silver sound and I use it also in my alto and tenor necks."
Nicola Mogavero
"An irreplaceable quality in terms of sound, accuracy, acoustics, ease, mechanism, etc."
Joonmok Lee