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Series III Tenor
Tenor Saxophone
Series III Tenor

With the “Series III” tenor, the Selmer legend continues: incorporating numerous qualities from previous models, it asserts itself with a sound and dynamic range that make it the instrument of the greats.

Acoustically, the “Series III” tenor is a particularly versatile... + Read more

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Series III Tenor
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What's behind

Made up of more than 600 parts, the saxophone is a particularly complex instrument. At Henri SELMER Paris, the production line is completely integrated enabling both better control of the quality and of the supply process.

In our workshops located in Mantes-la-Ville since 1919, nearly 500 craftspeople mobilize a traditional, unique and authentic know-how, combining high technology with the respect of the artisanal instrument manufacturing. Discover the main stages of production.


Tenor saxophones range

Technical caracteristics
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from low Bb to High F#
Thumb rests
left hand and right hand (adjustable) in synthetic material
leather with metal resonator
lacquered, silver plated, black, brushed, solid silver, gold plated
S80 C* Tenor Mouthpiece with ligature and cap, neck strap, swab, cork grease, Tenor Light case.
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Year of manufacture
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they play
this instrument
"Tenor Series III is the best compromise between tenor sound and entonation-mechanics."
Antonio Felipe Belijar
"I play Henri Selmer Paris Series III Soprano, Alto, Tenor and Baritone saxophones because they offer me the flexibility and precision that I need. They are so versatile and enable me to produce such a fantastic range of sounds to express my musical ideas."
Gillian Blair
"I've been playing the silver-plated Selmer Series III Tenor saxophone for years and as beautiful as the instrument is to the eyes, the sound it creates is equally as captivating. People often inquire about my horn and my sound. It provides access to a wide spectrum of tonal colors and nuances."
Abraham Burton
"Warm sound, great tuning and flexible to any gender."
Pedro Pablo Camara Toldos
"I love the Selmer Series III Tenor saxophone because of its rich sound and ease of playing. With this wonderful instrument, I could find a personal, interesting sound. This Tenor is a masterpiece of instrument manufacturing."
Carlos Canhoto
"This model delivers a clear and powerful sonic projection while giving me the option and ability to sustain a gentle, rich, full-bodied tone when desired. Beyond its sound, the silver-plated Selmer Series III tenor saxophone is easy to play and is an extremely well designed instrument for a modern player."
Abraham Burton
"The tenor has a very spontaneous and rich harmonic sound emission. It is very versatile in any musical context."
Mimmo Malandra
"It is a warm sound but at the same time deep and lyrical. I recommend the series III to all saxophonists because of its perfect versatility."
Carlos Miyares
"I believe that this model is the one that more than all embodies the glorious history of the great Selmer models of the past such as the Mark VI and the SBA, the vibration is pure and resonant and allows an unbeatable legato."
Federico Federico
"The moment I first blew it I knew that this was one for me. I also have a solid silver neck for this tenor."
David Roach
"Playing this sax is like a toy. Great legato possibilities, huge sound spectrum from the most gentle sound colour untill giant sound volume. Very confortable instrument for a player."
Miha Rogina
"A beauty of tone, an ease throughout the range, a flexibility of sound, a depth of tone like no other."
Andy Scott
"My Selmer Paris Tenor saxophone allows me to create the color and timbre of sound that continues to be heard on stage with the Chicago Symphony Orchestra. I exclusively perform and teach on Selmer Paris saxophones."
J. Michael Weiss-Holmes
"I’ve always played only Selmer saxophones: in my opinion, Selmer is to saxophone what Mercedes is to cars, Rolex to watches, Parmigiano to Italian cuisine… simply the best!"
Fabrizio Paoletti
"The perfect ergonomics of this saxophone offer a great comfort of playing and the accurate intonation allied to a sound homogeneity over all registers allow me to express myself fully, in quartet or in orchestra."
Forent Louman
"With the Series III tenor I feel safe! In orchestra, solo, chamber music, big band or studio, I love the sound projection, the ease of intonation and the excellent ergonomics. The perfect partner!"
Davy Basquin
"Flexibility and inspiration to express what is needed for the music and forget about your instrument while you play. This happens if you are satisfied with your instrument and if it reflects your thoughts and emotions in the sound."
Asya Fateyeva
"We've chosen Selmer instruments because they allow us to find our quartet sound and they just fit together brilliantly. The harmonic richness of the sound paired with its versatility give us the possibility to adapt to every musical genre."
Arcis Saxophon Quartett
"The Tenor Selmer Series III allows me to play with a smooth sound and rounded in different styles."
Alicia Camiña Ginés