Baritone Saxophone Series III Baritone

The Series III baritone opens the way to an original repertoire and soloist destiny, following in the path of the bass clarinet.

  • With unparalleled tuning balance, its tone colour is remarkably even, including in the extreme registers.
  • The sound, rich in overtones and embracing... + Read more
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Series III Baritone
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Technical caracteristics

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low A/high F sharp
Brass thumb rest
Blue steel needle spring
5,6 kg
on the upper bow
leather and rivet with metal booster
Gold Lacquer Engraved (GG), Silver Plated Engraved (AG), Black Lacquer Engraved with Gold Lacquered keys (NG GO), Brushed Gold Lacquer Engraved with Gold Lacquered keys (BGG GO)
S80 C* E-flat Baritone to low A Saxophone Mouthpiece Clear Lacquer, E-flat Baritone to low A Saxophone Flight Case Black Lacquer.
Sold with
E-flat baritone to low A saxophone S90 mouthpiece
Producing a very direct, homogeneous sound with great flexibility and suppleness, this balanced mouthpiece will meet the needs of both...

they play this instrument

"It’s a very dynamic instrument, with enormous projection power. The ‘piano’ nuances, often difficult to produce on the baritone, come out perfectly, with a sound that stays centered and doesn’t lose its timbre."
Gilles Tressos
"I have been playing this instrument since 2010 after having experimented with the Series II baritone for 14 years. This Series III offers exceptional playing comfort and ergonomics. It is a little lighter than the Series II. I love homogeneity of sound, roundness, ease of emission and great fluidity."
Céline Bonacina
"I have four Serie III saxophones: soprano, alto, tenor and baritone. I feel at home when I play them, but I can go as far away from home with them and I know that they can take me anywhere!"
Joshua Hyde
"This instrument is stunning. So easy to play, but with a real depth to the sound - it loves to be pushed, and I'm only scratching the surface of what it can do - which is great!"
Michael Jamieson
"The Series III baritone is a great instrument, spontaneous and balanced throughout the register.Very nice is the ease of emission and the attack of the note A low, both in the dynamics of the pianissimo and the fortissimo."
Mimmo Malandra
"I love this instrument because of its sound projection, good intonation and ease of playing"
Joan Marti-Frasquier
"Amazing sound projection, very ergonomic and confortable, it is a refined instrument."
Pedro Pablo Camara Toldos
"I’ve always played only Selmer saxophones: in my opinion, Selmer is to saxophone what Mercedes is to cars, Rolex to watches, Parmigiano to Italian cuisine… simply the best!"
Fabrizio Paoletti