Tenor Saxophone Reference 54 Tenor

“Reference” is a new Selmer Paris concept which combines acoustic or ergonomic characteristics of several famous previous Selmer Paris models with the qualities of today’s top design and manufacture.

The “Reference” series currently proposes two tenor saxophone... + Read more

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Reference 54 Tenor
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Technical caracteristics

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high F sharp
Thumb rest
Multidirectional, in metal
Leather, with plastic booster
B-flat Tenor Saxophone Reference Case
Gold Lacquer Engraved (GG), Lacquer "Antiqued" (PAO)
B-flat tenor saxophone Concept mouthpiece
The Concept range has quickly established itself as a new benchmark. Ease of response, with a round and rich sound,...

they play this instrument

"The tone and richness of the sound that emanates from my Selmer saxophones fills the room and becomes my persona."
Chico Freeman
"The horn allows for very nuanced playing, with it I am able to actualize the sound I hear like no other horn I have ever played. I was a die hard Mark VI fan, I own two beautiful 54's, but the reference 54 is by far the most extraordinary instrument I have ever played. It my horn till the end."
Rus Nerwich
"I absolutely adore my Selmer Reference 54 tenor saxophone. I've had experience with practically all of Selmer's pass models (I'm a diehard Selmer fan) and for me the Reference 54 is the most responsive and in tune saxophone that I have ever played. I love it."
Jean Toussaint
"I love Reference Tenor because combines acoustic or ergonomic characteristics of several famous previos selmer Paris models. Each model has a specific tone color: The reference 54 features a rich, open tone."
Pedro Carvahlo
"The Reference 54 is an incredibly responsive instrument. It allows me to attempt playing what I hear in my head with confidence. The fantastic ergonomics of the horn result in me being able to get more easily out of the way, music being step closer. Tonally from top to bottom, there is fantastic consistency."
Rus Nerwich
"My instruments have to make completely sense within the music i make. As a medium of expression my saxophones have just to be integrated in the way i think performance as an exponent. I deeply recommend this saxophone for it quality in all levels and how it become your extension in music making!"
Henrique Portovedo
"SELMER Paris saxophones offer total versatility, an exquisite balance on all registers, maximum flexibility, a wide dynamic range and a beautiful sound. They help me fully express the music I play."
Alberto Arteta