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Reference 36 Tenor
Tenor Saxophone
Reference 36 Tenor

“Reference” is a new Selmer Paris concept which combines acoustic or ergonomic characteristics of several famous previous Selmer Paris models with the qualities of today’s top design and manufacture.

The “Reference” series currently proposes two tenor saxophone... + Read more

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Antiqued lacquer
€8,390.00 Available
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Technical caracteristics
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high F sharp
Thumb rest
Multidirectional, metal
Leather, plastic booster
B-flat Tenor Saxophone Reference Case
Lacquered, Antiqued lacquer
Serial number
Year of manufacture
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this instrument
"The Reference 36 is the best I ever played. It’s like it’s a part of me when I play, it’s like my arms and legs when I play. When I picked up the reference 36, it’s like I’ve been playing all the time, it was natural!"
Benny Golson
"This is the instrument I've had the longest, and it is a fantastic balance between the comfort of a modern instrument and the character of a vintage saxophone."
Michael Jamieson
"Great tone, great sound, great handling feeling"
Sylvain Rifflet
"The clarity, character and incredible Selmer feel of the instrument is what I love about the horn. It has the power to blow in front of the band and carry to the back of the venue without a microphone. Free, easy blowing and incredible intonation & resonance over the entire range."
Mark Fox
"The Reference 36 me the possibility of having an old sound with unsurpassed mechanics."
Gustavo Firmenich
"The Reference 36 tenor is a very versatile saxophone ! I love the very powerful sound, between brilliance and warmth."
John Brenner
"The tenor Reference 36 allows me to express myself on multiple paintings (from the "softest" sound to the most timbreful) without any loss of precision or accuracy. It is endowed with an almost perfect ergonomics. "
Pierre-Marie Bonafos
"The Reference 36, I highly recommend it to anyone who’s looking for the Rolls Royce of new profession saxophones that has the soul of a Balanced Action blended with the best of Selmer’s modern technology."
Dayna Stephens