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E-flat alto saxophone Claude Delangle mouthpiece

Saxophone Accessories E-flat alto saxophone Claude Delangle mouthpiece

This pioneering bi-material mouthpiece with its unique acoustic and sound properties has been designed in close collaboration with Claude Delangle, this mouthpiece perfectly reflecting his personality. The metal ring characteristic of Adolphe Sax’s first mouthpieces and its cutaway design... + Read more

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What's behind

"I always wanted to conceive, obviously as any musician, a project for achieving the utterly ideal sound. "The" sound. The sound of the saxophone. My sound.

With this request from Henri SELMER Paris to create a mouthpiece in a close collaboration, the idea was to bring together, maybe in an utopian synthesis, qualities from different materials, from different shapes."



Technical caracteristics
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Table opening
1.65 mm
Table length
24 mm
they play
this instrument
"This dedicated classic mouthpiece has an amazing sound. Its sound palette is so rich that you can embody all of your own musical ideas. I hope that I will play it for a very long time."
Nikita Zimin
"Big sound but at the same time quite gentle when you need it to be so. Bright enough to be able to speak loud. Thank you once again for this amazing product!"
Damiano Grandesso
"A huge technical achievement! This combination of materials results in a hybrid mouthpiece with a wide range of sound possibilities. Great projection, enormous dynamic range and lots of flexibility!"
Emiliano Barri
"This mouthpiece is a game-changer with its extremely fast response and ease of control to shape its palette. It is such a joy to play on it and I look forward to many hours of exploration with this mouthpiece."
Leslie Wong
"A truly superb mouthpiece. Its core is unbelievably rich and appealing. The gold-plated ring gives it a unique depth and projection while sounding warm and full. Addicted to it for solo performances. Simply loving it!"
Fernando Ramos
"Rich overtones, a balanced sound from low to high notes, with an easy control from piano to forte. A very rich sound can be obtained, especially in forte."
Taro Koyama
"  A beautiful sound, very generous, very even. The emission of the low register is very easy. The legato too. Thank you and bravo for this work!"
Masanori Oishi
"A very impressive mouthpiece for its colorful, clear, rich and even sound. The power when playing forte is incredible, as well as the ease with which you can control your piano or pianissimo. It opens even more musical possibilities!"
Satoshi Kato
"The new state-of-art Selmer Paris Claude Delangle mouthpiece enhances the quality of the saxophone sound. It brings a balanced and even sound to the entire range of the saxophone. In addition, the mouthpiece facilitates the projection of the sound."
Seung Dong Lee
"The Claude Delangle mouthpiece expands my scope of performance. It is as if a tiger had wings to fly, as a Chinese saying goes. With its effortless control, I can play louder, softer, brighter and warmer like an extension of my mind.   "
Shyen Lee