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Super Action 80 Series II Tenor

The oldest of our Tenor models with a very distinctive and powerful tone
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Series III Tenor

A Tenor with an outstanding flexibility which allows to easily shape one's own sound.
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Reference 36 Tenor

a warm and open sound
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Reference 54 Tenor

a centered tone and a rich tonal quality
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The 'Super Action 80 Series II' Tenor has earned a solid reputation thanks to its very different personality. It enables the production of an open sound, very rich in harmonics and an excellent projection power.

The 'Series III' Tenor has marked, when released in 1997, an actual revival of the great playing flexibility of the old models. This gives it an ease of playing very much appreciated by saxophonists of all levels.

The 'Reference 36' features a rich and open tone, in the wake of the 'Balanced Action' made from 1936 onwards.

The 'Reference 54', more centered than the 'Reference 36', is inspired by the design of the famous 'Mark VI' made from 1954 onwards.