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Clarinet Bb/A

Range of Clarinette Sib/La

Our range

Prologue B♭ clarinet

The step-up instrument
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Presence Bb / A Clarinet

The perfect match of timbre and roundness with ease!
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Privilege Bb / A Clarinet

A new generation of clarinets
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Recital Bb / A Clarinet

A historic and atypical model
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Signature Bb / A Clarinet

The Henri Selmer's legendary Signature
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Muse Bb / A Clarinet

Ease of response and creative freedom
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The 'Prologue' clarinet stands out as the step-up instrument by excellence. Its acoustic and ergonomic qualities make it accessible to a wider public.

The 'Présence' clarinet bears in itself the sound qualities common to all our models. It is characterized by a rich tone and a great ease of blowing.

Recognized for their great versatility and their stability, the 'Privilège' clarinets stand out through their aesthetics, ergonomics and tuning.

Unavoidable pillars of the Henri SELMER Paris range, the 'Recital' clarinets offer an incomparable density and roundness of sound.

Centered and powerful, the 'Signature' clarinet offers a rich palette of colors.

Ease of response, tone rich in harmonics and well calibrated intonation with precise intervals... Get inspired by Muse clarinets !