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Find below the whole range of Henri SELMER Paris mouthpieces.

Saxophone mouthpieces


 With its innovative and refined design the Concept mouthpiece is a model of high acoustic precision. It combines ease of response and a rich and even tone for the musician’s comfort.


► Available for the soprano, alto and tenor saxophones


Claude Delangle

 This pioneering bi-material mouthpiece with its unique acoustic and sound properties testifies to Henri SELMER Paris’ evergrowing desire to improve its products. The golden metal ring lines the entire bore and allows for a denser, fuller sound with increased projection. The acoustic performance of this new alto saxophone mouthpiece signed “Claude Delangle” will charm saxophone players and audience members alike.

► Available for the alto saxophone



 Available for the entire range of saxophones, the S80 has achieved an unprecedented level of popularity. It is characterized by its very warm grained, broad and full toned sound.

► Available for the sopranino, soprano, alto, tenor, baritone and bass saxophones



 The S90 can be considered the universal mouthpiece. Producing a very direct, homogeneous sound with great flexibility and suppleness, this balanced mouthpiece will meet the needs of both students and professionals alike. An efficient and responsive mouthpiece, it produces excellent high notes.

► Available for the soprano, alto, tenor and baritone saxophones



 From the very first notes, the Prologue mouthpiece is easy to play and its emission and response is second to none. These qualities, as well as its attractive price,make it a great choice for beginner saxophonists.

► Available for the alto saxophone


Jazz Flow

Jazz Flow Mouthpiece Henri SELMER Paris

Inspired by the legendary models that have defined the history of jazz, the Jazz Flow mouthpiece offers exceptional versatility, providing rich sound, musical depth and great flexibility.​ Available in two openings, this mouthpiece offers optimal comfort and freedom of expression for jazz and all contemporary music genres.​

► Available for the alto saxophone



 Directly inspired by the legendary model made during the Fifties, the Soloist embodies all the qualities which originally made it so successful: a rich, easily modulated sound, it remains centred, homogeneous and warm across the spectrum of playing styles.

► Available for the alto and tenor saxophones


Super Session

 The Super Session is easy to blow and remains stable regardless of dynamic levels, displaying an astonishingly rich sound, yet without aggressiveness. Designed especially for jazz, this mouthpiece will live up to the expectations of musicians seeking power, projection, flexibility and a wide dynamic range.

► Available for the soprano saxophone



 The Spirit mouthpiece offers outstanding musical qualities. A full spectrum, very rich in low harmonics though keeping a real “cutting through” power. Remarkable enough, the global tone colour remains in its entirety on all registers.

► Available for the alto saxophone





Clarinet mouthpieces


The « C85 » mouthpieces have been designed to satisfy a new sound conception in clarinet playing. The C85 has a large sound, rich in low overtones; combining with subtlety power and roundness.

Two openings are available : 115 et 120.

► Available for the E-flat clarinet



 All while preserving the facility of sound emission, its larger opening favors a breadth of sound throughout the registers, allowing a greater sound projection.

► Available for B-flat and Bass clarinets



 Its smallest opening improves control and provides wide flexibility to the entire range. A balanced distribution of spatial volume facilitates the tone’s natural resonance.

► Available for B-flat and Bass clarinets



With a round and colourful sound combined with extreme ease of play, it allows musicians to forget their instrument and focus entirely on the music. It's a universal mouthpiece.

► Available for B-flat clarinets



 A very popular Serie all over the world, played by professional clarinet players as well as students and amateurs.

► Available for alto, contralto and contrabass clarinets



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