Echo, a must-have mouthpiece for all clarinetists

Bec Echo : Un partenaire précieux pour tous les clarinettistes
Working closely with internationally renowned clarinetists, such as Philippe Berrod and Jérôme Verhaeghe, the Henri SELMER Paris Research & Development teams have developed a mouthpiece that is resolutely in step with the times. The goal: to offer acoustic qualities never before achieved.

Unequalled acoustic precision

Echo is the first clarinet mouthpiece Henri SELMER Paris has made entirely on a digital machine, giving it unprecedented production stability. Thanks to its universal design and unmatched manufacturing precision, the Echo mouthpiece will be a must-have accessory for all clarinetists.

Bec Sib Echo

With a round and colorful sound combined with extreme ease of play, it allows musicians to forget the instrument and focus entirely on their music.

  • Specially designed to offer musicians total comfort
  • Roundness and good projection thanks to the small step positioned at the exit of the bore (as in the Focus & Concept mouthpiece family)
  • Colorful and easily adjustable sound
  • Unprecedented accuracy especially for the left-hand throat tones

The testers

"The new Echo mouthpiece is a resounding success! Combining playing comfort, a richness of tone that is never harsh and accurate sound emission… a pleasure to play it for demanding ears."

Philippe Berrod, Orchestre de Paris

 "The Bb Echo mouthpiece gives me a ‘luminous’ sound. Homogeneity and flexibility of play are of unparalleled comfort. I can play Wagner at the Paris Opera without getting tired while also maintaining excellent sound quality."

 Jérôme Verhaeghe, Orchestre de l'Opéra de Paris


Video: the making of the Echo Mouthpiece

All Henri Selmer Paris mouthpieces are made in France, in our workshops located in Mantes-la-Ville since 1919. Discover in this video the manufacturing process of the Echo mouthpiece.


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Technical characteristics

Table opening : 1.08mm
Table length : 22mm
Chamber : trapezoidal
Bec Sib Echo

*Free Delivery and exclusively available in Europe in the countries of the euro zone (excluding Germany, Austria, Spain, the Netherlands and Portugal)


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