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Bb/A clarinet Echo mouthpiece

Clarinet Accessories Bb/A clarinet Echo mouthpiece

Echo is the first clarinet mouthpiece Henri SELMER Paris has made entirely on a digital machine, giving it unprecedented production stability.

Developed in close collaboration with leading experts, the Echo mouthpiece is universal making it suitable for all clarinetists.... + Read more

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What's behind


Working closely with internationally renowned clarinetists, such as Philippe Berrod and Jérôme Verhaeghe, the Henri SELMER Paris Research & Development teams have developed a mouthpiece that is resolutely in step with the times.

  • Specially designed to offer musicians total comfort
  • Roundness and good projection thanks to the small step positioned at the exit of the bore (as in the Focus & Concept mouthpiece family)
  • Colorful and easily adjustable sound
  • Unprecedented accuracy especially for the left-hand throat tones

Bec Echo Selmer


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Technical caracteristics
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Table opening
1.08 mm
Table length
22 mm
they play
this instrument
"The new Echo mouthpiece is a resounding success! Combining playing comfort, a richness of tone that is never harsh and accurate sound emission... A pleasure to play it for demanding ears."
Philippe Berrod
"According to a conductor, the Bb Echo mouthpiece gives me a ‘luminous’ sound. Homogeneity and flexibility of play are of unparalleled comfort. I can play Wagner at the Paris Opera without getting tired while also maintaining excellent sound quality."
Jérôme Verhaeghe
"The mouthpiece is very easy to play, intonation is excellent and even in all registers, and the altissimo is effortless and responsive. The tone in the softer dynamics is really clear and the mouthpiece offers plenty of control."
Stefanie Gardner
"Easy to play and accurate on the attack, rounded and flexible sound in all registers, projects in large rooms without saturation… Echo faithfully reproduces the timbre and color purpose of the musician; it forces nothing and allows everything!"
Joë Christophe
"Echo is an easy-to-use mouthpiece that aligns the breadth of a sound with a charming and consistent tone. Legato and staccato come easily and naturally to allow for a colourful performance at both piano and forte. It offers great stability in tuning and an excellent dynamic response."
François Sauzeau
"From the very first notes, I was enticed by the perfect balance between the ease of response and the sound quality. The Echo mouthpiece makes playing more fluid, it is an ally every day to focus on the music."
Chen Halevi
"I’ve thoroughly enjoyed playing the new Echo mouthpiece. It has an ease of playing, articulation friendly, balanced sound with a warmth even into the third register."
Mariam Adam
"The new Selmer Echo mouthpiece is an example of great ease of response, with a beautiful subtlety in the timbre but also remarkable projection."
David Minetti
"The Echo mouthpiece has a round and soft tone. You can really feel the vibration of the reed, it is easy to control the quantity of air to produce the vibration. All of the reeds tested worked perfectly. It’s a 'fashionable' sound, a universal mouthpiece."
Yasuaki Itakura
"Echo equals comfort, ease of playing and consistency! Could this be the mouthpiece of my dreams? My sound becomes ultrasonic and resonates through the Echo in the heart of the audience."
Béatrice Berne
"This is an amazing mouthpiece. Extremely well crafted! The Echo mouthpiece is easy to control and has stable intonation in all dynamic ranges. I will be recommending this mouthpiece to anyone in search of a bigger sound that keep clarity and focus."
Robert DiLutis