Sébastien Jarrousse

Sébastien Jarrousse

Born in 1974 in Brittany, tenor and soprano saxophonist, composer and arranger, Sébastien Jarrousse has always combined his passion for the stage with his more intimate passion for writing.

He joined François Jeanneau's jazz class at the CNSM of Paris and obtained his prize in 2002. Well known on the French and international jazz scenes, Sébastien Jarrousse has also frequently performed in the big band of the famous German trombonist Albert Mangelsdorf, before directing the Franco-German Tentet himself since October 2010 (supported by the OFAJ).

First prize as a soloist at the Sunside Trophies in 2003, he is also the leader, composer and arranger of the Celtic jazz record of the Sébastien Jarrousse Sextet, multi-prized at the International Jazz Festival of La Défense in 2004 (1st prize for composition, 2nd prize for orchestra as well as two prizes for soloists). He was also selected that same year as one of the ten finalist soloists of the World Saxophone Competition in London.

He recorded the album of the singer Cécile Verny, European Songbook, at Klangküche, Stuttgart, in January 2004... He released two albums with the quintet he leads with the drummer Olivier Robin (label Aphrodite Records) : Tribulation (2006) and Dream Time (2008). Sébastien Jarrousse is also the saxophonist of the musical play A Love Supreme in tribute to John Coltrane; this play has been an international success (tours in Africa, Caribbean, Middle East). Release of the album La nuit des temps (Sébastien Jarrousse Sextet) in 2009 at the New Morning (Paris) under the label Such production (with Pierre de Bethmann on piano). Release of the album in tribute to Jacques Brel, Je volais je le jure, quartet of the drummer Pier Paolo Pozzi in Rome in 2011 (label alfamusic).

Since 2016 Sébastien Jarrousse presents his second album in quartet: Old Fellow, after Wait and see in 2012, which opened the way to a renewal of the hard bop genre with a reduced formula drums, bass, piano. "Sébastien Jarrousse is one of the most brilliant saxophonists on the French scene, as well as a very talented composer. Some say that he is even one of John Coltrane's "grandchildren": this is not a small compliment! One must admit that indeed, Sébastien Jarrousse, with his quartet, invents an abundant and epic universe.
This gifted musician is as comfortable with a tenor sax as with a soprano. With one or the other, specialists say that he "raises his game to the highest level in the movement of the greatest"... His quartet (drums, piano, double bass and sax), improvises a resolutely contemporary music with a strong identity and a rare energy. [....] Jazz lovers will not be mistaken. And those who do not know this music will discover it in the most beautiful way. " article CCAS (direction of culture of sports and leisure activities) July 2014.

3rd album of Sébastien Jarrousse's 4tet with guests, ATTRACTION (Label A.MA records Bari/Iltalie)